Second Campaign, Mission 1

This mission involves moving the wounded doomtrooper with one of your own out of the safe exit. Our game came right down to the end. On his final action in the last round, the guy controlling the doomtrooper was able to move 3 spaces diagonally and exit the doomtrooper off of the gameboard. The wounded VIP however, we were unsure of.

The mission book does state that the wounded doomtrooper will only move as far as the doomtrooper adjacent to him. I’m not sure if this scenario came up in playtesting or not (our group argued more over that than how this mission should end :stuck_out_tongue: ).

In the end, we decided that the wounded doomtrooper didn’t escape and would’ve gotten killed by the 2-3 enemies nearby. It is a huge advantage to the DL player for that game, I digress…did anyone else come across this? Or do you have an opinion to offer on how to approach this issue?