Explain ”collectively” in regards to mission completion

We argued regarding this today, from rules:

”Collectively, the Corporation players determine if the primary mission was successfully completed based on the goals outlined in the mission brief. If the primary mission was successful, each Corporation player gains the number of promotion points listed in the mission brief.”

Does this mean, in mission 3, (Doomtroopers must leave the game board) that the 4 points rewarded to a DT-team when escaping is ONLY given if ALL DT-players managed to escape?
In our case one DT-team didn’t make it and we decided that it meant the Commander failed the mission (-10 points) and no points were rewarded to ANY DT-team EVEN though they escaped.
It felt right at the time but when I re-read the rules now it felt off.

I am pretty sure that it is individual scoring in that mission.

Yes I guess so, but it kind of is interesting if it wasn’t because then it’s not just a race, you would actually need to make sure no-one falls behind which makes for more strategic gameplay.

That “collectively” part is terribly worded.

Score individually for each team in that mission. If one doomtrooper escapes, that team gets 3 promotion points. That team gets an extra point if both doomtroopers escape.

There was a mission like in the old game, except each team got a credit instead for each escaping doomtrooper.

Ideally, you want to cooperate more, especially if the dark legion player is in first place. If one of the corporation players is in first place, well do you still want to cooperate with that person? :wink:

Yes I think that is the intended design. But it ended up pretty balanced the way we played it yesterday as I was in the big lead as commander and the others actually could have chosen to just not bother with completing the mission and instead rack up points by killing enemies leaving me with -10 points.

But the Ezoghul would probably have been a too tuff target for them anyway.

And so the Commander “completes” the mission if…

  1. any Doomtrooper escapes?
  2. any Doomtrooper on the Commander’s team escapes?

We played with (1) but I can see arguments either way…

I really hope the expansions get some blind play-testing to flush out more of these issues.

I’d say it is nr 2. And the commander doesn’t fail if one team doesn’t make it. I think all ”escape”-mission goals are individual.

Edit (just read the faq):
25. In missions 2 and 3 of the first campaign, when is the mission considered failure so that the Corporation with the commander token has to lose 10 promotion points?

The mission is considered an overall failure when at least one Corporation doesn’t complete the mission. In the case of missions 2 and 3, if at least one Corporation doesn’t exit the board with at least one Doomtrooper, the Corporation with the commander token will be demoted.