Campaign 1 Mission 2 & 3 Questions

Couple Questions.

Mission 2 & 3 has the Doomtroopers start on a tile rather than off the board. When are the Doomtroopers placed on the board. At the start of the game or can they choose what space to start on at the beginning of their turn. The rules are clear on how this works when the Doomtroopers start off the board but not certain how it works when they start on the board.

If the answer to the above is they start on the board before the first turn, in what order are they placed?

In Mission 2 & 3 how is success and failure determined for the Commander Token. The mission can be a success for some teams and a failure for others. Does the Commander only fail if his team fails or if any team fails or if the majority of teams fail?


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Hi Wraith,

Regarding the first question, you’d only need to follow the rules regarding a Corporation player’s first turn. The first time a Coporation identification marker is drawn, however, instead of placing the Doomtroopers outside one sector tile you’d place them on any unoccupied square of your preference in the starting sector tile. The Doomtroopers would then start their activation from there.

Regarding the failure for the Corporation with the commander token, the mission is considered an overall failure when at least one Corporation doesn’t complete the mission. In the case of missions 2 and 3, if at least one Corporation doesn’t exit the board with at least one Doomtrooper, the Corporation with the commander token will be demoted.

Hope this helps.
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First thanks for the answers.

Regarding placement of Doomtroopers quoted above… do you place both at the start of the corporation’s turn or do you place them one at a time as they are activated. My read of the above is that you place both at the start of the corporation’s turn.

Also if the Doomtroopers are placed on the board at the start of the corporations turn (or even placed on the figures activation) does this mean they could potentially make two Attacks on their first turn (if their are targets)? I ask because typically if the Doomtroopers start off the map they have to spend their first action on Turn 1 to move onto the board.

Didn’t expect that answer on the Commander failure but it certainly makes the game more interesting as a player can purposely sabotage the commander if they think it will work out better for them in the long run. Look forward to trying it out.

Take a look at this:

Gives you a pretty good look at how the placement rules work.