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I’m having a couple of niggling questions that I’m struggling to find the answers to, so I’m wondering if anyone can shine a light on them please ?

  1. Ai cards used to pick a corporation:
    there’s nothing stated about what to do if you draw a card with a logo of a corp. not in play. Does it mean you flip until you find one of your in-play teams, or is it just a lucky miss?

  2. Ai picking a tile: using the compass system how does it pick the middle of three tiles in a row? Like the first mission, I couldn’t see a way to do it. Could just be me !!

  3. Creature tokens: I’ve been looking at the pdf and the finished book and I can’t seem to join the dots with what these are for!?! Any help please ?

  4. Expansions and the Ai system: been looking through the pdfs and I’m not sure how the new dice and card mechanics interface with the Ai system. Didn’t seem to be an explanation for solo usage of these new systems.

Could just be me being miss reading, but any pointers would be appreciated. Cheers

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  1. I am pretty sure you are supposed to draw until you find a match.
  2. Not sure what you mean… please clarify :slight_smile:
  3. These are, for example, for keeping track of certain Secondary Missions that require you to kill specific monsters etc.
  4. They don’t… unfortunately. Maybe a devoted fan can release expanded rules.

I havn´t got my copy of the game yet, so most of the questions I have no answer for.

  1. I think you use the creature tokens with some of the sidemissions that specify killing certain creatures to keep track of how many you slain. I guess there is other uses for them as well.
  1. yes I think you just try another card.
  2. I don’t think it can pick the middle tile.
  3. I have not used the tokens yet, was wondering if they might be needed in later missions.
  4. sorry don’t really understand what you’re trying to do.

Hopefully someone from modiphius will be able to help!

Cheers for your replies guys, great help .

I’m guessing that an errata needs to be formed before retail, or a updated book before the retail run?

  1. I think it needs explicitly stated as some people don’t like guessing ( rules as written as opposed to rules as interpretated)

  2. mission one has a T set up. The compass system only allows for 3 tiles, as the only time you can a ‘middle’ placed tile is if it happens to be on its own. In mission 1 the southern tile is the bottom on the T so it’s the only tile you get with an Ai compass with S on it.

  3. I to guessed it was for the side missions, but couldn’t see any reference to this in the book. I used them in the vid as activation markers, oh well

  4. The Dark Legion player can draw from two different card decks in the brotherhood expansion. They then have mechanics for using these cards, and how to draw new ones. But there’s no indication of how to solo this .

In the Luna expansion there’s no assistance for solo roles for how to integrate the dread and dread dice or the dark manifestations. I mean I’m a gamer and like to think I can see for myself some way to fudge it with having to ‘play’ as though I was the Dark Legion ‘player’

There’d have to be a flow of ‘if’ statements like the action part of the Ai deck, because the Ai deck doesn’t have a yes/no for say ‘shall I play this card’

I hope this doesn’t sound tooo negative, but selfishly, I want to get it right when I’m playing as well as the fact I’m doing these videos. So, it kinda bohoves me to get it right .

Cheers again

Maybe you can soloplay the Luna and Brotherhood-missions without using the dread-dice or the different card mechanics. I understand a lot of the special things in those campaigns is about those mechanics, but at least one can play the missions right.

Might work.

I could look into making up AI rules for those mechanics.

Just a thought, as I’m sure I’m over thinking it.

What if they just added a sentence or two that basically states that if you’re playing solo with the expansions ‘you’ act as a Dark Legion player would when using the new mechanics, including targetting (otherwise you’ll be flipping that deck for ages). The core Ai and solo rules run everything else, as normal .

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If that works. After all, common sense is usually better than any game rule.


Exactly!! Unfortunately common sense is not something that translates well from wargaming nerds, which is why I came up against these issues. :wink:

Wargame rules, as an abstraction of actions, tend to not have any avenues that lead to the gamer having to think to hard, question the rule or lack of, use initiative or common sense. This leads to a lot RAW vs RAI eg 40k 2-7th edition, until 8th edition where the rules 8pages and units have all the special rules it needs on its datasheet.

Took a while for that mindset to reset, so this talking about it has helped. But, this game is going to be appealing to Warzone players who’ve lost their game. Warzones rules are a lot more crunchy than 40k. They’re used to having rules written as it’s a fairly competitive and the rules are perfect for tournaments.

Just brainstorming, sorry :smirk:


I have begun assembling questions that we can send over to Modiphius so they can produce an FAQ. There seems to be a lot of questions regarding vague rules (like above). Please post them in the FAQ thread on BGG (Rules section).

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Not a rules question as such but does anyone know what the Dark legion activation markers are for? I assume they are meant to keep track of who has activated so far for the legion but could not find it mentioned in the rules.


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Without knowing 100%, I am pretty sure they are for keeping track of what has acted (especially in Solo Mode when using the AI cards).


I have been thinking about this, and come to this work around:

Let’s say I have drawn an AI card that has the primary compass as North, and I have three tiles in a row that are all equally northerly.
-Then, instead of going to the secondary compass (which will either be East or West) I then draw another AI card, and look at the primary compass on that.
-If the primary compass on that card is East or West, I chose the tile at that end of the row. If the primary compass is North, I choose the middle tile. If it is South, I draw another card, until I get North, West or East.

This method can generate any of the three tiles in a row.

Another way of looking at it would be to interpret the northernmost as the one in the middle, with the two on the sides as E or W. Less drawing of cards :slight_smile:

Sorry, hijacking a bit, since I do have a rules question but didn’t find it necessary to start a new topic… Does anyone know if the grenade launcher can be used by a ranged Doomtrooper with a Violator Combo?

Manus Kit…

Every adjacent figure to the one you attack take one die in damage, even doomtroopers. But doomtroopers have one automatic defense so you can´t hurt them. Is this correct?
Also, seems pretty weak as you can only kill legionaires and necros on low level.

If there instead is one automatic hit (if rolled) without defense, it´s pretty OP as you can kill Ezohghouls and Nefarites with it.

I just read the rule book. It states that you roll one die for each adjacent square (barbes). This means that you cannot hurt Doomtroopers, and most likely only kill smaller DL creatures.

I doubt it would be an automatic hit since it explicitly says to roll one die for each adjacent square.

Yes. But it also explicitly says to also roll for adjacent doomtroopers. So whats the point if they can´t get hurt?

Sorry, didn´t mean automatic hit. I meant if the die scores a hit, is it a automatic wound without armour roll?

Yes, that is a bit weird. Had to re-read to make sure about that, but I think it might need clarification from the rules guys.