Blank AI card with Behemoth

This may be a stupid question but I just got a behemoth and it had a normal AI card and a blank one with no info on it. Is that normal or did I get something wrong? I didn’t see it listed on the card list.

Not sure what the reasoning is, but I’ve got a short stack of blank cards between everything I ordered. Not sure if it was intentional so that we could create custom AI cards for play, or if they were extra on the card sheet and they just decided to ship it rather than throw it out. Either way everything else appeared to be present with my own orders, so I simply saved them off to the side in case I can use them some day and didn’t put much more thought into them.

Pretty much every box had an extra AI card, so I suspect Custom AI is the answer here

We needed to add some cards to some decks for packaging reasons, so rather than add totally blank cards, blank AI and Quest cards were added instead so players can fill them in for their own purposes if they wish. Felt better than wasting card :slight_smile:


And now we know, . . . . the rest of the story.

I was actually thinking about using the quest cards for exactly that. :wink:

Awesome, thanks for the answer. This is why Modiphius rocks!!