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AI card downloads

Any chance of adding the wave 1 AI cards to the downloads?

If they do that there’s no real reason to buy the official packs over using 3rd party stuff.

I think they’ve been more than fair letting you get all the rule books and equipment cards free.


I think they have been extremely generous with all the resources they have provided. However i dont see that anyones decision over buying their models would be affected by the addition of the AI cards to the available downloads.
Why have the character cards been provided? So that we can see / try before we buy? So that we can use their other figures as proxies when required? Either way, the same reasons apply to the AI cards.


All the other cards have been provided because the are part of the Battle Mode of FOWW. If players want additional weapons, split up models into smaller units etc., they WILL need those.
Explore, Quest and AI cards however have not been provided as they are not part of the Battle Mode.


Fair enough, thanks for the info.