Missing BoS cards...any way to get AI cards?

The topic pretty well says it all. I bought the BoS core box and didn’t receive any of my cards. I placed a ticket but it’s not been answered and it’s been going on 5 days so I assume it won’t be answered. I’ve printed off the item and unit cards from the website but without the AI cards I can’t, obviously use AI, but the kicker is I don’t know the standard equpitment for the units either so I’m not sure what to do.

Hi! I went through something similar. I got some of my BOS cards, but not all.

To bring you up to speed, the guy who handles this stuff was out on holiday or something.

At any rate, I just got an email from them and started the process of fixing my box’s errors. So they are working on it and they will get to you, they’re just a bit behind schedule.

My BoS box had all the cards … or so I thought. Turned out I had none of the small cards that were supposed to be there since instead I got the set of small cards from the Survivors box.
I’m in line to get this fixed.

Exact same thing happened to me. Also in line…

Out for the holiday, gotcha. As long as I know they aren’t just ignoring support tickets because I received NONE of the cards in the box and I was also affected by the blue die issue, so I’m eagerly awaiting an email.

Yeah, this is exactly what happened to me. Like I said, I just had an email conversation with the guy yesterday. So they’re working through the list it’s just going to take time.

As far as blue dice are concerned, I hadn’t even noticed mine were wrong until after I had sent the first ticket because I hadn’t gotten around to actually playing a game. Wasn’t a big deal at all, I just told him my blue dice were wrong while we were handling the card issue and he said it was no problem, they’d just throw in some blue dice as well.

So don’t stress out, you will talk to a person rather than some automated system. Which is great, but it takes time.

Yeah, I’m keeping patience on the matter. It just sucks because, like I said earlier, in addition to not have any danger, item, explore, etc cards in the BoS box I don’t have AI cards either so I can’t A.) Use the AI or B.) Know what their standard equipment is which, unless you’re using battle mode, is pretty important.

I had the same problem with my BoS core box.
The customer support sent me a good set of cards in 3 weeks (and I was able to keep the wrong cards).

FYI: I already had the same problem with a french factory and they took 2 months …
Bravo Modiphius and thank you Lloyd :clap:

from the other side of the Channel :fr: