list of cards in boxes

Hi. I got my boxes few days ago and finally got a chance to open them and look if I am missing something. I already reported missing cards from one box without problems. (was easy to notice since all cards from that box were missing) But now come the problem … can I somewhere find a list of cards that are suppose to be in boxes? for example in starter box (two player set) I am missing AI card for standart dog and I dont know if I am suppose to use the same as for dogmeat or if I am missing that one. And its hard to check other cards too if all my informations are “10+ small cards in box” and it would be hard to report missing cards after few weeks when I start actually playing in real and finally notice if I am missing something when I want to use card for it (gun card for example).

In the last email from a Modiphius they had a link to the downloads page. That has a PDF of every box to date and the cards that should be included.

Damn missed that. Thanks now I was finally able to check it and find few problems (some are just naming problems in the list I believe). Can anyone help me confirm if they are true?

  1. in Settlement Deck is event card named “Landowner’s offer” while in the list its named “Farmer’s offer”
  2. in Settlement Deck is Boost card named “Tread Lightly” while in the list is “careful does it”
  3. got extra Buffout item card or it is missing in the Two player core set cards list
  4. Should standart Dog from Heroes of Santuary hills have his own IA card? (if so I am missing it and have only one for dogmeat)
  5. Is Powerarmor frame and T-45 armor suppose to be printed on the same card? (instead of the “item” card back I have Pow. Frame on one side and T-45 armor on the other and it is only two sided card like that)


Thanks for the list of discrepancies.

  1. Landowner’s Offer is correct - the card was updated but the spreadsheet where the full list is generated from was not.
  2. Tread Lightly is correct - as above.
  3. The extra Buffout should be added to the list.
  4. The list will be updated to show there is no Dog AI card. (The Dog Unit card was added as an extra so a player owning both Dogmeats could use both of their Dogmeat models, rather than only using one or the other due to Dogmeat being Unique. If you use Dog as an AI, use the Dogmeat AI to control them.)
  5. I shall investigate the Power Armor cards.



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