Double side printed cards

Purchased a settlement deck from my local game shop today and was going through it when I noticed the T-45 power armor is misprinted with the power armor frame on the back instead of saying item card. I checked the power armor cards in downloads page and it is indeed a misprint as the power armor frame and t-45 are meant to be two different cards. I am now going through everything i have purchased for this game to make sure nothing else is messed up or broken. Just thought I would leave pictures and a msg for everyone to full check yours cards and all.

mine is the same. i just figured it was a game mechanic thing

According to this link they are 2 different cards if both are messed up I wonder if all the settlement desks t-45s are misprinted.

Modiphius already stated that this card/cards were a misprint. It was intended to be two cards but was printed this way in all copies. You can of course download the cards from their website and print your own though.

ah whoops i missed that post about it, I was also curious on the settlement deck box it says in small writing. “contents may vary from the components list” Does mean that diff cards can come in different settlement deck packs. My local game shop only got 3 in and was thinking of grabbing the other two if this is true. If not I will just download the cards for copies and get my friend print them.

No all settlement decks are the same, I guess they are covering themselves in case they change a card or something in the future.