T-45 Power Armour/Power Armour Frame

Can someone please confirm if the T-45 power armour card is supposed to have the Power Armour Frame stats on the flip side or if this is a misprint? I’ve attached images of both side of the card for clarification. This is all on one card.

Hi. Unfortunately that was a printing error and was intended to have been two separate cards. If you wish to use both the T-45 and the Power Frame at the same time, all cards with a points value (i.e. Items, Units, etc.) for Wave 1 will soon be available online for free so you can print additional copies of cards - both the Power Armor Frame and the T-45 will both be in that PDF. The PDF will be downloadable from the Fallout section of Modiphius’ web site.


Thanks for confirming and I’m glad to hear we can print additional cards for free soon! :slight_smile: