Settlement sheet download

Hey everyone, I noticed in the rulebook it said to go to the website to download the sheet in order to play the Settlement version of the game, however I cannot find it. Does anyone know when this will be available as I’m looking to create a campaign to generate interest in my club.



I was wondering the same thing. I’m hoping they’ll release it soon as it will by my main way to play the game.

A little short on time at the moment, so I can’t make an involved post. This is their download page though for pdf content:

Hope it helps.

thanks for the download link. No settlement download though :frowning: I guess that will be later then!

I just scanned through the settlement section… this would be pretty nice to have implemented in an app. Also, a built-in force builder informed by cards available through your settlement would be a nice addition.

I was planning on having some sort of visual representation of my settlement anyway, something like an aerial view of the buildings and relation to each other (not necessary but useful for what is powered and what isn’t) using cardboard cutouts. This would also easily allow for scenarios where your settlement needs to be defended (which I think happens sometimes in FO4 /s).

I have no idea if Modiphius has ventured into app territory previously, may be something that needs to be fan-made (not it) due to licensing etc.

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The Settlement Sheet will be up very soon. I believe it’s just awaiting approval.


That’s great to hear! I wanted to start using it after two more games against the AI :slight_smile:

if I’m not mistaken, there is a video on the way from “Beasts of War” (youtube channel) about settlement building. waiting on this video to decide if I’m gonna buy the deck or not.

The deck has quite a few other cards that can be used outside of settlement building so it might be a good buy either way.

Yeah, it looked to me like there was a good range of weapons, equipment, chems, power armor, and other items to make the deck worth while for players even without settlement mode.

I’d say that anyone who plays the game and is interested in some extra options, it would be a useful resource for those people.

As GateKeeper mentioned, the Settlement deck adds cards to expand any game, not just if you use Settlement rules. (The only cards in this deck that are only used when using the Settlement rules are the Explore cards.)

Also, the Settlement deck is not required to use the Settlement rules; however, it does add lots of variety to the items and Explore cards you may draw, when using your Settlement.

The Settlement Sheet can now be downloaded from the Downloads section on the Modiphius site here:


Very nice, thank you!

Yes thankyou muchly! Settlement sheet is very interesting…cantbwait to tie it all in with the main game.
Makes me want to create an entire camp with all these buildings in!

@vmag I’m working on one in my spare time (not associated with Modiphius). Wish me luck that I don’t get sued :sweat_smile:

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That’s awesome, looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m pretty sure as long as you don’t charge for or otherwise profit from it you are in the clear, especially if it is generic and non-IP infringing.