First Game Questions

Played my first games tonight, really enjoyed it. Once you get over the amount of symbols it’s actually quite intuitive and quick to play.

I do have a question about the Presence action, I couldn’t find anything other than on page 28 about what a Presence Action is (namely, you can encourage friends or intimidate enemies). Does anyone know how this works? Is it a skill test and what is the outcome of a successful test?

Love the game so far.


Not sure about the presence thing, but I regarding the stock issue it’s basically because they were overwhelmed by how popular the game would be. The game is still technically in pre-order as they’re shipping orders from their own website (although I think that’s due to change in December?), so other stores are also still waiting for re-stock as well.

For Wave 2 onwards, they’ve said that they’re going to be bringing a second production facility into the mix, won’t be having a pre-order, and I think said they were making changes to their warehouse system as well?. Hopefully means we shouldn’t see the same stock issues in the future :slight_smile:

The Presence Action has no single purpose as the other Expertise Skills do. When it’s usable, you will usually find a description for what it does in the scenario rules.

As it’s an Expertise Skill, all common Expertise Skill rules apply (e.g. it costs an action to perform a Presence Skill check).

Also, Aura Abilities (the symbol looks kind of like a rising sun, look at the Sole Survivor card with the Dog Handler special rule) use the range of Presence to determine the Aura range.

Thanks guys, really helpful.

I’ve edited my first post to keep this to my rules questions thread. I’m hoping to play again next week so I may well have more!