The competitive feel?

Hello there.

I’ve yet to try playing with others, so I’m interested in what you think of the game when you’re 3+ players. How competitive does it feel when playing a minicampaign?

Does it feel like you are an ■■■ as the Dark Legion, when shooting at the doomtroopers you will team up with the next game?

Or could the game need something to make it more competitive?

I like the idea of secondary objectives which can boost you or set you back. But could they be more rogue-like towards the other teams? Not a “kill a doomtrooper from another faction”… That would be weird, if you ask me. But maybe a secondary objective with a special action that could ■■■■■■■ a doomtrooper to make him a target of the Dark Legions masses while you run towards the exit (or something).

TL;DR: is the game competitive enough to make you laugh in your friends face?

From my group’s playtesting, it felt more cooperative than competitive. The only competition came in the form of “who gets to kill that high value target first?”. While it does not have the “mess another faction up” mechanic that the old Siege had (Doomtrooper card choices etc.) I am glad it is more cooperative. It fits more into the lore, everyone pulling resources to defeat Alakhai during the Venusian Crusade.

Having more competitive elements might sound fun, but could deter from the balance.

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