Competitive Themed Scenarios

I’ve been thinking about a possible method of developing competitive scenarios while keeping a narrative element.

The idea would be to give each faction a list of scenarios themed to them.

So for this example, two players bring their pre-built armies, one BoS, the other Creatures.

Before the game starts, they flip a coin, the winner gets to pick a scenario based on their faction.

The player who picks the scenario would have a specific object to accomplish, while the other player’s objective is to stop them from fulfilling it.

So again for example, if the BoS player wins the coin toss, they might have these scenarios to pick from:
-Leading by Example: Kill enemy units.
-Quartermastery: Lockpicking mission items.
-Learning Curve: Hacking terminals.

The BoS player can pick a scenario that he knows his force is capable of doing, and the Creature player doesn’t have to worry about not having objective runners that they might not have access to, especially with certain factions like Creatures, that don’t have access to Lockpicking or Hacking.

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