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3+ player scenarios

Hello fellow dwellers,
I’ve written three scenarios for 3+ players for an event (I posted the first one a while ago ). So if you ever have more than 2 players that want to go after their own goal/play as their own side, you have something you can use. I always look forward to feedback, of course! :slight_smile:

FWW_Free for All_v1-1.pdf (901.4 KB)


Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Let me know how your games turned out if you get the chance!

These look nice! I’ll give them a try when I get the chance.

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Cool :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to your feedback!

I’ve updated the scenarios to include point amounts and make the model setup in the second scenario more clear. Thank you for your feedback @Jimbotik :slight_smile:

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My group is unfortunately exclusively 3 players. So i will take full advantage of this. Thank you.

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