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Scenario Template

Hello fellow dwellers,

while waiting for my pre-order (which has since arrived), I created a scenario template (and two sample scenarios, which I have yet to try out). I thought that this might be helpful for other people as well. Here is the link:

My idea was that people can copy the file and then create (and hopefully share) their own scenarios with it. I didn’t allow for it to be edited directly to avoid someone to delete everything (still made a backup, though).


I like the rescue one it is reminiscent of the tied up wastelanders you sometimes find in the clutches of super mutants and raiders would be good as a secondary mission after a failed mission and use one of the looser fallen crew as the prisoner .

just thought of a possible spin of to this as a prep mission you have to rescue two or three random settlers and these can then be used as a one off reinforcement(read cannon fodder) for the subsequent mission where the opposing force is of a higher value than normal

Thanks, my inspiration was the FO1 mission where you have to rescue Tandi, but it sure works for a lot of factions :slight_smile: Have you tried copying/downloading the file and editing that?

i havnt no currently at work so just browsing the google doc version for now i will give it a try tonight when i get back

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Nice! This should come in handy

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This is great!!! Thank you so much!

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“Scorpion Surprise”

That sounds like a fun scenario :slight_smile: I would suggest you add information on the amount and type of Searchables placed on the battlefield (you can even limit the amount of Radroaches and Radscorpions spawned with that). If you delete the passage that just says “Optional fluff” over and over, you should habe some space left. I would also recommend some restrictions on where markers can be placed (e.g. at least yellow from each other and green from any table edge). For easier reference, you could show an example setup on the map in the top right corner.
Keep us posted with your scenario ideas, that’s what the template is for :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback… the markers intended for use is literally ALL searchable markers that come with the starter set. I’ll change the wording to be more obvious.

Template looks great. Working on short campaign at this moment and this will help a lot. I will give shoutout when finished. Thanks!

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Stupid question - how can you modify the template?

Now managed to do this. Thank you for the resource, I look forward to playing some more and putting up any that seem to play well.


Hi, I have only recently gotten into FWW, but have always enjoyed writing my own narrative campaigns and missions for skirmish games. The template looks great and just wanted to say thank you.

I will give the template a go and see how it looks and maybe share some of my creations.


Hello everyone,
I’ve just updated the template (same link as in original post) with the official icons and ruler graphics. Now you can make your own creations look even better! :slight_smile: Happy writing!

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