FO:WW App ideas - Scenario Settings

I was getting ready for a semi-weekly campaign using the Caught in the Crossfire pack. It occured to me that having to create the curated decks each time is illogical since it is digital.

What would make most sense would be to be able to set up a scenario and save it. Then when getting to the table it is simply load it up. Being able to share them would add value.

For that matter it might be cool to have access to all the printed scenarios via the app. Or at least all that are free and unlock those not.


If you are looking for specific app features I would send an email over to the support email they have in the app ( I sent in a request for them to implement a feature where you can flip between the unit card and AI card back and forth quickly. They responded right away and said they will look into implementing it. Might be worth reaching out to see what they can do.

Yep. The app is a 3rd party company and not made by Modipihius.