FWW App - a couple of questions

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all looking forward to some well- deserved R&R over the holiday season.

I’m hoping to buy into FWW soon to mostly play narrative solo, but just wanted to clarify a few things about the companion app first.

  1. Assuming i buy the monthly subscription package to the app, will that replace the need for any physical cards required to run the game (either during a scenario, or in settlement phase/ downtime etc). Whilst the cards look great and are a fantastic mechanic, i would love to be sure of having all options available even if some card packs are out of stock etc

to qualify the above, will be looking to use Homestead and Into the Wasteland supplements as part of my solo campaign, if that makes a difference

  1. If i also buy the FWW RPG supplement (likely), could i still use the app to assist with force building/ battle management etc as I’ve heard that cap costs are different using the rpg rules. If i work out force costs off-app, can i still use the app to manually compile the various forces and track the battle as it progresses?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, and let me know if i need to provide more info before they can be answered.

Thanks for looking!