Scenario Creator

What would be really cool but would probably take a while to build and implement would be an online scenario creator. One game that does this very well is Mechs vs Mininons. You can go on their website and in your browser create your own scenario using all the tiles and tokens from the game. If you could create your own FWW scenarios with an online generator using the correct assets such as tokens, coloured ranges for spacing out tokens etc and it saved it off as a PDF so they look exactly like the ones in the campaign book that would be awesome. This would allow the community to share professional looking scenarios that are easy to understand as they all use the correct tokens and symbology.

Here is the Mechs vs Minions scenario generator if anyone is interested in seeing what I mean;

You mean something like this? Won’t look 100% like the official ones, but it will do for most purposes I think.

I want something that has all the assets in a sidebar so you can just drag and drop them onto a map and create your own scenarios, just like that mechs vs minions one :slight_smile:

Yes that’s pretty cool! Will definitely give this a download and play around with it, thank you!

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@LuckyNumber7 You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’d love to see your scenarios once you’re done!