A couple scenario questions

So as i have been learning the game i started collecting scenarios. I am curious just how many are available. Have i missed past fridays? I see that their is an automatron part 4 questline available, where are the first 3 parts? T I am collecting as many as i can to make a book and plan campaigns with. I saw this forum has a few including project lunchbox which is nice. But i feel like im missing a bunch of modiphius created ones.

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Well some scenarios are in the shop, others are on their downloading page. Part 1-3 was the vestiges resurgent. If you check both, you will find all free released scenarios

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The Automatron scenario is a one-off, but there was a three-parter called Vestigaes Resurgent that came before that. The write-up for the Automatron one makes it sound like they are connected, but it was the fourth (actually the fifth, but who’s counting) one relased not the fourth one in a series.

Prior to those, there is the Undiscovered Vault (lots of fun on this one!) and they recently released a handful on New Vegas missions, as well as the Battle For Saugus Ironworks pack.

You have to download the Vestiges and Undiscovered Vault missions from the webstore, but there are loads of others available on the downloads page: Fallout Downloads

EDIT: the Ironworks pack is on the downloads page as well


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I actually have downloaded those. I realized that they were infact the initial scenarios that came with the early boxes AFTER making my initial post. Those are what lead me to here in the first place. I did infact get new vegas wave pack 5 as my first set of cards…because well vegas is my favorite game in the entirety of the series. It was a great to see that they had a storyline to go with it. I really appreciate the player made ones. I barely have time to make terrain and paint let alone organize and write stories. Them sharing theirs is a great help.

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Here’s a link to a Google Sheet I made with details on all the Scenarios I could find/access:

I was trying to have a reference to let me select a scenario by terrain, board size, suggested factions etc.


That’s a great overview, thank you so much! :slight_smile: