Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Scenario Competition Results

The results are in for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Scenario competition and Michael Orona is our winner for his scenario “R.I.P Carl Wallace”. He wins $250 of Modiphius Store credit! Our 3 runner up winners are Teemu Salminen, Simon Sterz and Alec Birchall who all win $50 of Modiphius store credit!

Thomas Arnold is the winner of our Fallout Wasteland Warfare The Roleplaying Adventure competition for his adventure “Entrée Denied”. He wins $250 in Modiphius Store credit! We also want to congratulate Torsten Sprunck and Cameron Cudahy for winning the runners up prize of $50 of Modiphius store credit!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and look out for more over the horizon!


Might I assume another one of these will be run at a latter stage?

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When and where can we expect the scenarios to be posted? :slight_smile:

Working out the details on that now.


Looking forward to seeing all these.

Any word on the results of the painting contest? :slight_smile: