Dark legion crossover confusion

I was looking at the Siege of the Citadel rules conversion for Dark Legion from Mutant Chronicles and the stats didn’t make sense to me. They don’t seem to be statted out like dark legion in the core box, they give numbers for ranged and close combat but don’t specify die color, and some DL are worth different points but have the same stats. Is this still a work in progress? Do some of the creatures have special abilities I didn’t see?

Is there something I’m missing? I haven’t read the rules fully, just browsed.

Also, the praetorian behemoth is listed in the crossover DL section even though it is already part of the brotherhood expansion

It is most likely a work in progress. The rules will be shipped in wave 2, so plenty of time to finalize. Any feedback can be sent to support@modiphius.com.

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The stats for additional Dark Legion in SotC do not appear in the crossover section of the collectors edition rulebook. I am now concerned that they may not be included at all.

Which ones are you missing?

The preview of the crossover pdf had the beginnings of stats for using Dark Legion creatures such as caraiths, bio-giants, immaculate furies, etc in games of SotC. The crossover pdf section of the collector’s edition rulebook has removed all those entries and instead appears to only have stats for additional Dark Legion for use in Mutant Chronicles rpg

Hmm, not sure if that was the intention. I can check.

Any comments @Modiphius-DevTeam?

To expound on my previous comments, in the file under the header RPG Campaign & Dark Legion Stats, chapter six (pg 83) - All encompassing darkness starts with the following paragraph:

“The 3rd Edition of the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game contains
a plethora of creatures that can be used to terrorise and instil
nightmares. The following chapter offers sample statistics for these
creatures so that they might make an appearance in games of Siege
of the Citadel, plus some additional horrors towards the end that
have now been made flesh for the RPG.”

The chapter then includes descriptions of various dark legion creatures, and eventually a page of stats, though the stats aren’t in the same format as other SotC enemies. After those stats the chapter moves into rpg stat blocks for a few dark legion creatures.

The same chapter in the collector’s edition preview (pg 123) has no opening paragraph, and goes directly into Mutant Chronicles RPG statblocks for many more dark legion.

I just checked this out. Don’t really know what to say, but I have let the dev team know so they can give a definitive answer.

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I’ve been reading through the Mutant Chronicles RPG pdfs and found that the text and images of the chapter in question are taken primarily from chapter 3 of the Dark Soul Sourcebook.

In the latest Sotc Kickstarter update (#128) Chris addresses the question of new Dark Legion stats. That should put this thread to rest. I think their solution will also be a good template for future fan created enemies.

From the update:
we were able to fix the missing Siege’ rules for the RPG creatures including the Bio Giant, Dark Golem, Dark Huntsmen, Eonian Justifier, Immaculate Furies and Karnofages. These will match existing creatures in the game (you’ll use their rank cards) but with new special abilities to challenge your heroes.

The final PDFs are out, and I don’t see where the new dark legion special abilities have been added. Hopefully I just missed it.