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How can you get your DARK LEGION Bundle delivered?

Hello guys, im writing from Venezuela

I wonder if you get your SOC pledge, but i havent yet, i wonder how and where to write since i paid the shipping for my DARK LEGION Bundle and still got no news on this topic. I wonder about it there is a delay since i can´t read the kickstarter actualization since i got no answer and dunno where to write to know about my pledge.

Thanks in advance for the help.

@Modiphius-Lloyd @Modiphius-SteveH


The base game has shipped out for those that chose and paid for split shipping. The expansions are still being worked on. If you have any questions about your pledge the best way to get answers is to email


Didn´t have the option/choice for split order? there is a way to change it now?

how do i do it? the kickstarter operator its very weird and give little choices.

Please contact and see what they can do for you.

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Thanks for the answer

Sad the wait it´s becoming long about the expansion. Really want to play this.

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