Neonate Bundle shipping conundrum

So today I was actually just wondering when the Neonate bundles would be shipping. I check my email to see I can get my core book sent before the dice (and DM screen I had ordered additionally) which should have been an option from the get go in my opinion. Anyway the email says I can get my book sent before the new October ship time-frame. Except I have to pay extra shipping. I’m not so keen on paying extra for shipping since I already paid for shipping.
I ship alot of stuff for work, shipping is based on weight. So without the book the shipping cost I already paid should be less, so I’m a little torn here. Maybe its just me, but I feel a bit shafted.
I am still looking forward to getting my Book/Screen/dice and really excited about the game, just want the book I already paid for, and paid for shipping :confused:

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I didn’t receive the email. How much extra was it out of interest?

It didn’t say outright. I have alot of trouble with the webstore because I live in the USA and it doesn’t always convert the currency :confused:
I think I am just going to wait it out.

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Your situation has also given me pause to think. I wish there was an answer forthcoming. Have you tried customer service?

No, I had an issue with actually ordering it, and customer service was… Less than helpful.
I suppose I should

Yep, Customer Service has been lacking, allova sudden.

Customer service is being bombarded with chinese spam in an attemot at denial of service. Its taking them quite a bit longer to sort through whats legitimate mail and what isn’t.

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So sorry 2 hear that!