Camarilla and Anarach PDF release dates?

The title says it all. Looked for info, but my google-fu proved inadequate.

we currently have no release date on those products just yet. I’ll check with the powers that be to see if we have any updates.

We gave no ETA from White wolf yet. The books are scheduled to arrive in November, so the PDFs should be prior to that.

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Thanks for the information.

Am I right in saying that thoseof us who bought the slipcase edition are able to get the corebook sent out early in the next day or so?

Indeed. You will get a code, probably tomirrow, which lets you get a corebook for free and you just have to pay for the shipping, but then the core book will be removed from your later shipment.

I guess October is out of the question for the PDFs

I am also wondering about this. I was told end of October but Have not heard anything but the nebulous “soon” since then. Could we please get an update?

I’d welcome news on this too, actually.

I love the core rules - just want the rest now! It was estimated to be in November, yes? How long to wait?

Snip my apologies.

…and here they are! Just received the email notifying it.

Went into the online store looking for the Anarch PDF, only to find that both it and the Cammie PDF had “sold out”.

Not to be difficult or anything but technically isn’t that impossible?

I mean, guys, I wanna give you my money…

White wolf pulled those books from sales due to some changes they need to make. They’ll be back as soon as the authers get things worked out.

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Is there any update on when the bundles are shipping? I’m kind of amazed at the lack of communication on this.

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Any update to this? I have a set of the books on preorder from my FLGS and they haven’t heard any update since they were told its ship late dec/early Jan.

According to Modiphius’ latest communication on that matter, elder bundles for pre-orders at Modiphius start shipping out in the very next week. They hit retail in March. So, if you ordered at your FLGS, you should get the books sometime in March.

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Just curious when we might see the Cam and Anarch guides making their way to Store to cover pre-sales of the books? Any update?

For those wishing to know. Three of our Distributors in the US have received the Slipcase, Camarilla and Anarch Guides. The Slipcase has sold out quickly. Our main distributor has not received any product yet but I expect that to go fast if they do receive some, but it looks like they did not order any books, Not Modiphius’ fault there.

Books have arrived in our store today to cover pre-orders as promised to our customers. So for US players, it shouldn’t be long before you see them in your local store if they Pre-Ordered. If they did not I would order direct if you wish to get your books.

Just thought I would give a heads up.

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