An important message from White Wolf

A Message From White Wolf. Please visit our website to read:

When will we recieve our emails about the pre-orders to reconsider our options?

Yes, I am a little unclear.

I ordered the Elder Bundle. Do I have to wait until late January now? That’s a long time to wait for Dice and the screen because of content problems in the two books.


EDIT - I already paid for the early shipping to get the core book and have that in possession.

I’m in the same boat. I have the core rules from early shipping, but am now in doubt about wanting the rest of the slipcase, because I’m not really happy with how the situation came about (and not really wanting to elaborate on that point, at the moment).

I do still like core rules, although I am wishing now that I spent my excess money on the luxury corebook, rather than the slipcase. Either way, I am irritated by the additional wait for a product I paid for several months ago.

I also bought the elder bundle few days ago, but even though i read about those changes in reddit i haven’t got any email from modiphius that my order will be delayed or anything…

I would really appreciate if anyone got any solid news about what is going to happen and how are the orders going to be handled and at least give us a better ETA for when to expect them.

It is hit or miss on if you will get an answer from Modiphius. some get responses right away others like myself did not get a response to my E-mails. I found one of the people that did get a response and they quoted the e-mail they received which said that the books will ship in January. That being said they have said the books would be shipped early November and then in the email it said they had planned for early December and now they said the delay will be until January.

On another note I got the Infinity RPG through their kickstarter and I can say with certainty never get a bundle from them. I went for the bundle and it took over 5 years for me to get it on top of that the regular book was out for 6 or so months prior to me getting my bundle. so I would get your core book and only order the books once they are actually out unless you want to wait, because I am certain they will not make the January deadline. You may see the PDF then but not the actual books. Heck the dice aren’t even out in distribution but they have been playing with several sets on LA by Night.

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I will underline here that I sent an email to Modiphius, and was responded to in minutes. We have come to a good arrangement, and I’m very happy with the customer service offered to resolve this unfortunate situation.

Sorry for my late reply, but Trippy what would be your suggestion? Ask them through customer service about my specific order or you think this is equally affecting all of us so i just wait and everything will come into place? (in a timely manner)

I’d suggest that you ask them about your specific order, via customer service.