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hi there forum moderator im wondering when we will get update on vampire the masquerade?And if you are searching for help message me,i could help!:slight_smile:

What kind of update are you looking for?

Hi Steve,
I’d be interested in an update on Fall of London and the Players Guide.

Starter set as well. Love starter sets…


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i want to know the state of the game!Are we suppose to see some more book in the future?And im offering help,being a gamemaster for 34 year,i could help in the process of creation or writing.I send a e-mail to support saying that i can playtest some more content for vampire the masquerade(i play almost from the beginning)But i dont see anything in forum or on google!So was wondering if Modiphius abandon the serie or his planning for something in the futur?let me know

you sincerly reznor

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Did you try the support dept?

Yep i try so they say,we acknowledge! But Nothing im really sad about that

Currently, though I am not someone who is official, here is what we know:

Onyx Path Publication books that we have heard about. Status updates come out every Monday on their website in what is called the Monday Meeting Notes though we don’t always see movement we always know where they are on projects they are allowed to talk about.

  1. Chicago by Night is at the printers and is being shipped out to the distributors to be distributed to the backers of the kickstarter.
  2. Chicago Folios has a finished manuscript and is waiting on the last bits of art to finish up and then will start to go into layout. Backers of Chicago By Night, CbN, have received a manuscript preview of part of the book after Layout they will receive the PDF of the book and then will turn in their errata and the book will be corrected for final PDF.
  3. Let the Streets Run Red has a finished manuscript and is waiting on the art to come back before following the same trek as the Chicago Folios above.
  4. Cult of the Blood Gods has a finished manuscript and is waiting to go out for kickstarter which will be after mummy the Cursed finishes up this Thursday, but I wouldn’t expect the CotBGs to be on kickstarter earlier than next week though realistically it will probably be in two. During this kickstarter the backers will receive pieces of the manuscript, once the kickstarter is up art will need to be received and the same process as Folios will need to be done finishing in a print run of the corrected book.

As for Modiphius projects I can only give you rumors I have heard and nothing more.

  1. Players guide: I have heard this book would possibly be out in PDF form by Christmas but I have also heard that their are several delays on the project and that the original scope of having all 13 clans in the book will not happen. Specifically Ravnos will not happen and Tzimisce may not be. For me this means just reprinting clans we already have since Ravnos and Tzimisce are the last two left, which makes me wonder if it is worth even having this chapter at all then. This book is Slated for a February release but once again according to rumors I would not put to much faith in that.
  2. Starter box: I have heard nothing on if this has been delayed or when it will come out.
  3. Fall of London: This book Seems to be the furthest along and seems to be on track form the rumors and such. players played through the first chapter at Dragonmeet and feedback has been good on it as far as I am aware. it was announced by Modiphius that the PDF may be out before Christmas with a book release in February and I think this may actually be true for this title.
  4. Second inquisition book: this one I know very little about except that it was proposed and accepted but that is all.
  5. Organized play: one of Modiphius’ writers told me at Gencon that this was asked of them by Paradox and they didn’t know what they doing with it, so your guess is as good as mine. I have not seen any forward progress on it and with most thing Modiphius you will see word when you see it.

Other publications by those unknown

  1. Werewolf 5th edition is being worked on by a unannounced partner and we will hear more in a press release before the end of the year.
  2. Onyx path is working on some sort of secret project that is not W5 and we should know more about it by the end of the year. (The fan boy in me and several other speculators think it is Orpheus, likely, or Wraith, not as likely.)

thank red,are you a moderator or secret agent for modiphius:slightly_smiling_face: and we should work together too make sure that vampire,will be a great game,with are knowledge and a little bit of luck we could work for them!

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I wish I was able to work for the company. :slight_smile:

I am just a fan who, since I own a game store, gets to comb the internet for gaming information.

We do a lot of speculation on the WoD5 discord server which anyone is free to join.

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There is enough to be looking forward to.

I am curious about the decision not to include all the Clans, although the Ravnos have always been problematic (as a racial stereotype of Romani people). Has there been any mention of the Giovanni? The Tzimisce could be being held back for a Sabbat only book, but seeing as there is no sign of that happening, currently, and the Sabbat being more background boogeymen in this edition, I think we may be waiting for a while. I always felt the addition of extra Clans was always done for symbolic reasons (to reach a mystic 13 Clans which, incidentally, was not referred to in the 1st edition - which just referred to ‘other’ Clans - rather than practical reasons though. There is enough variety to be had out of the existing character options for sure.

I dunno if I’d really need or want a Starter Box, personally, but I am looking forward to The Fall of London and The Second Inquisition book especially. I’d go further and say I’d hope that The Second Inquisition could be used as a standalone book…

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Not sure why the decision was made to exclude the Ravnos I had just heard about it in an interview and such. It may be that they won’t make their deadlines if they keep them because their development will take too long or something similar. If that is the case I would rather they delayed the book so they could be included.

From that same interview it was mentioned that the Tzimisce may still be in but form other places I heard it was the Old Clan and not the younger Sabbat orientated side of them, which to me makes since.

As for the Giovanni that will be out in Cults of the Blood Gods and that kickstarter we are still waiting for but if Modiphius plans on continuing with 12 clans in the PG we will see them reprinted in there.

From what I gathered the original idea was to have all 13 known clans in the PG so that they were collected all in one book, which I would be very happy to see. If they are going to remove one of them then I don’t see the point in reprinting clans that are already released and would see it as a waste of space.

Maybe they will do a middle ground and just print the clans that are not in the Core book, such as ministry, Banu Haquim, Lasombra, and Hecata with the addition of Old Clan as well. This wouldn’t be that bad either because some people can’t afford to buy all of the supplements for the game as they come out. I still would hope if they do that that they delay the book and give us Ravnos as well.

As for the number of clans it has always been hinted at that the 13 are not all their is and their were more antediluvians than just the 13 and I hope they expand on that concept as well as that their are more than just the Cain creation myth as well. I really like having many options for the game for exploration.

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I think, to be fair, a lot of Chicago by Night had been written even before they began the Kickstarter campaign. They had a bit of a head start over Modiphius.

If I recall all of CbN had been written and approved for release before they started the Kickstarter and was in manuscript form as we received the manuscript during the Kickstarter window.

I do think that FoL and the PG have been written, Rumors say that the PG has not been approved yet and is having some rewrites done. This of course is just hearsay and rumors though. FoL I hear is on track and I suspect we will see it in advanced PDF before Christams as they said.

Delays happen and they are understandable. Hopefully we will have FoL and the Cults of the blood gods manuscript to keep our attention for a while until the PG is approved and in our hands.

On a Facebook fan page, the Fall of London campaign is set for pre-orders on 17th December?

Modiphius just sent a massive announcement :grimacing:

Where did they post??

Outside of E-Mails I am not seeing it, but the news is that on Tuesday Fall of London will start pre-orders and you will receive the PDF immediately with the Order. So good stuff and more material to read while we wait for the PG, which I am fine with. I really want Ravnos so i hope they take there time to get all the clans in there.

It looks like it is going to be a nice size book. 260 pages! And the Loresheets have me excited!

I haven’t seen a price on this. Depending on the £ I might be able to wangle this as a Crissie present.

I’ll have to wait till next week for payday, but hopefully it all dovetails in well…