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Fall of London Chronicle

I got it!!

Or at least I got the PDF. The physical book is pre-ordered and I’ll await it too.

So, it’s more a straight chronicle than just a sourcebook for London. The chapters detail episodes of a storyline running through - and the overview is about the players bringing about the resurrection of Mythras, a previously deceased Prince of London, with the main antagonists being the Second Inquisition that seems to be in control of the city now. It’s set in 2012 at the start. There is a map in the back, although I might invest in an A-Z of London anyway for reference. It suggests the chronicle is sandboxy, so there is probably plenty of storyline expansion. The art is excellent, and the layout fine with me. Its 266 pages, so a bit bigger than the Camarilla and Anarch books, but not as big as the corebook.

It has pregens included and, like with The Monsters intro-scenario, I think it’s going to be a game where you’ll probably want to use them rather than generate your own. I’m not sure yet, but in The Monsters, the plot points were very much centered on the characters backstories. As such, I think the ST will need to read the book carefully if they are to integrate difference characters. Notably, one of them is a Hecata Clan vampire - which are due to be detailed in The Onyx Path’s upcoming Cults of the Blood Gods book (and maybe the Players’ Guide?). There are five of them in total - Tremere, Nosferatu, Brujah, Venture and Hecata.

I’ll probably wait for the book before I consider when and how I will play it - but it looks good to read already.


Really cool tank for the infos,cannot afford it yet, glas to havé à little hint!

Were should we turn in errata?

so far the book looks gorgeous, Can hardly wait for tonight, glass of red wine and curling up with a good book. No pressure. :slight_smile:

An nfo about the Hecata Power would be nice as Dr Henry actually has a new power called The Eldricht Beacon"

Sounds ominous!

Would their be an idea to do a follow up Box set for a London campaign, including more maps and props, and supplemental material detailing London and it’s inhabitants? It could compliment The Fall of London and be used to expand on other Chronicles.

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I would second wanting a London by Night product.

Having had a look through the book I have to say I’m really pleased with how they’re handling London. When the fall of London was described in the core book it was made out to be a big event, the first true victory of the Inquisition, alongside the destruction of the Prime Chantry in Vienna.

This book certainly follows through on that, the SI operatives of Operation Antigen and the ECTU really feel like a threat, and it’s nice to get nods to the Arcanum as well.

I’d also recommend this to any ST with new players that want a longterm campaign. The premise of the campaign works really well for new players that aren’t the most familiar with the lore. But veterans won’t get bored either as there are plenty of nods to old characters, Mithras, Queen Anne, Rodger de Camden, etc.

There are also some really nice loresheets included in the book covering important figures, Operation Antigen, etc. My only criticism is there aren’t more of them, then again I 'spose they shouldn’t spoil us!

All in all a very solid book that I will look to run in future I think.


As a Storyteller running a London based game I very much enjoy getting to see updated stats, states, and stories of familiar character and seeing how Queen Ann’s London differs from Mithras’ Victorian London (particularly from how I’ve depicted it to my players).

Plenty of inspiration on how I can grow my setting.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get to run the Fall of London itself, particularly for my current group of players, though I am interested in doing so. If my current game stalls out or reaches a conclusion before it reaches the 1940s, I could see using my games’ PCs in place of the Herald of the Sun (and it could be reinvigorating for the players, using familiar characters, but with their original personalities subverted).

Alternatively, it could also be interesting running the chronicle from a different perspective, if my current game reaches the modern nights, or play with the pregens, but integrate my current PCs into the Fall as SPCs.

Oh, I too would love a follow up London by Night source book too!


The book looks really interesting, and I can’t wait to play it.

That said, playing a pregenerated character is exactly what I wouldn’t want for a long-term campaign, and it is the only thing I’ve seen that I don’t like.

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Does anybody know if the map of London will be a “true” map (like a poster) or will be just printed in the supplement?

PS: yes the book is gorgeous and yes, a London by night sourcebook for the V5 would be awesome.

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I don’t know if they’d do a separate map, but the one in the back of the book should be easy enough to extract and edit using a good PDF reader.

That or you’d have to resort to an actual A-Z style map of London and then simply identify the sections referred to in the book.


It seems really odd that there is no Cult of Mithras (or similar) Lore Sheet in the Chronicle.

There’s already a Cult of Mithras loresheet in the Camarilla book, so I’m assuming they didn’t want to reprint the material for one reason or another.

There’s also a loresheet that lets you play a descendant of Mithras that I think is also in the Camarilla book.


That makes sense, thanks. Is the Camarilla book worth getting?

I thought it was a good read and it has the Banu Haqim in it as well.

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It’s a good resource if you want background. If you want to tie your world into the greater World of Darkness. As a story teller, it gave me plenty of story ideas and hooks for players as well.

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Thanks, I ended up buying it.

I still think it was an odd decision not to include the Cult of Mithras loresheet in a chronicle that assumes that you are members of the cult. I understand the duplication argument, but they duplicated a Loresheet between the V5 core and the Camarilla book, so it clearly isn’t a hanging offence.

Probably not hanging, but if they’ve got a limited word-count from on-high better that word-count be used on new content rather than re-printing.


Please, if possible I need some help I already purchased from Modiphius before. But now trying to checkout the Fall Of London I can’t find my country on the shipping address form.
Have Modiphius stopped delivering to Brazil?
If so, there is any official partner for me to purchase the book?