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Second Inquisition Book

Has anyone heard anything regarding this? It’s one of the books I am most excited about on the current slate of V5 books. Especially given that the Player’s Guide is at least soon (between March and Gencon) to be available according to Modiphis. Any thoughts on what might be inside?

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I’d like it to be a stand-alone game, myself, in the shared world of Vampire.


I expect something in the vein of how Hunter’s Hunted or the Inquisition was presented, but scaled up. I expect it to talk about the formation and history of the Second Inquisition in more detail, provide some dossier-style knowledge of what the SI knows about the Kindred, how interconnected the organizations are, character creation for human SI agents, more technology like Chaoscopes. Basically a one stop shop for all the STs needs to create Hunters.


This is what I am hoping for as well. I want to it to be THE book on human resources for combating Kindred. Details on the organizations, major players, squabbles, and theories. That’s some meaty and spicy content.


The hunters need to be strong enough to actually be a threat to any, or groups of, kindred.

I’ve made several of my own, using the core book, of course, but there are so many things that could be added to really spice them up.

Weapons for use against all supernatural types, not just kindred.
Complete write ups for each of the organizations collectively called the SI.
Types of, and complete rules for, armor.
Realistic technology that could feasibly be used to hunt and harm supernatural entities.

The list goes on and on, but these are a few of my favorites.


I would hope any stuff for other supernaturals are written up in somewhat genericized terms, just for ease of use.

As for armor? Eh. The armor in the core book is fine to do what it does for mortals: stop them from getting dead from knives and guns. Adding extra armor rules with things like damage reduction and stuff is going to swing the system in a way that it’s not designed for.

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I expect this supplement to be a GM resource, mainly an antagonist book for the main protagonists, the vampires n their ilk. Probably some SI as PCs rules.


I think I read some blurb that playable SI characters would be made available.

To be honest, just making is a ST resource book would be a waste. Players want to have the opportunity to play hunters - its a new angle on the setting and makes for compelling stories.

Running a slightly mixed story where you have hunters having to work alongside certain Kindred is something that comes up often enough in the canon I would think it would also make sense to have playable hunters as options in the book. And who knows maybe people want to play hunters as a group that has to deal with one or more getting embraced?

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Vampires hunting vampires, and all manner of other nasties, in the night. Sounds good to me😈
Not all the time, but on occasion. LOL

So it would be a sometimes food?

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Exactly. LOL

Something you can truly enjoy, but only do ever so often, so that it doesn’t lose it’s speciality

Referring to hunters like dessert sounds like a quick way to meet final death. haha.

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Well I just introduced my players to their first werewolf. It’s not something that they want to randomly run across again. Of that I am sure!!!

Same general realm that I’m thinking of though.


Where were these hunter/vamp stories in?