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Organized Play for V5

Very excited to hear about an Organized play for V5 Coming. It will be great for conventions and just having a set of modules to run in your home game when you don’t have time to prep. Great announcement. Very exciting.


I am so looking forward to it. I have purchased everything so far. I have even preordered the up coming Chicago book. I actually ran my players through the old Chicago Chronicles using the new rules to put both the system and my players through their paces. I really hope the release of the players book in winter 2019 is still planned.

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They said in a e-mail today that the Player’s Guide and Fall of London campaign is set for February of 2020 with advanced PDF before Christmas of this year. In exciting news for the PG they said it will have a write up for all 13 clans. looking forward for things to come, but the fiend in me is itching for more. :slight_smile:

Yep. Looks like the line is cooking along now. London is a perfect setting for a Chronicle, noting that there is also Chicago by Night by Onyx Path for those who prefer an American city to play in if they choose. The Player’s Guide is the best place to detail all the 13 Clans also (good decision). The Starter set, may be good for putting dice and character sheets in.

I saw the Camarilla and Anarch books in the local game store. On reflection (they were points of contention in all the broo-ha-ha of last year), I decided to but them afterall. I don’t regret it - the stuff that was edited out wasn’t much really, and the upside was a bit more panache in layout and editing. On the strength of this, I think Vampire is in good hands, and the game’s I’ve run/played have been excellent.

Looking forward to seeing what else Modiphius will do, including other lines, but I will pick up at least the London book I am sure. Personally, I’m hoping that The Second Inquisition will be sold as a complimentary game line (Hunter: The Second Inquisition?) that doubles as an antagonists book for Vampire, and then we can see Werewolf: The Apocalypse and possibly others added later. On the other hand, I am enjoying ‘pure’ Vampire at the moment.

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I’m excited to see how the metaplot will be incorporated into organized play. I’m also really excited for the opportunity to get new players into VtM!

I’m a fan of where V5 is headed!

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Hiyas roger1975lee!

Been meaning 2 do that… how difficult was it? What did you modify?

Did you begin the saga with Baptism of Fire?

Thanks 4 yr input!

Yes. I took them through all three chronicles of Chicago book and every used the werewolf under the blood red moon

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Sounds like exactly what I want to do. Would it be too bothersome to ask you if you could please detail it? What rules had to be modified, what about NPCs, etc?


Any news on this?

Though I know your question is directed at Modiphious I have not heard anything more about the OP and am also anxious to hear some news. I went by the Modiphious booth to talk with them about it and see if they had any info but they were very busy, which was good, so I decided not to bother them. I am writing some modules now personally, and hope to see if they may let me help out were I can even if that is just GMing. Hope we will hear some news soon but it is really up to WW when Modiphious or any of the other licensees can announce things.

Has there been any news on organized play?

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Their has been none recently. Last I had heard about it was last Gencon.

Would be great to have a organized play for vampire we held a local event along with 62 cities here in latin america simultaneously on 3 days.

I organized 2 cities in my country for this! 2 full days of play!

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Cómo se inscribe un grupo?

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for WOD latinoamerica


tell about you want to do an event

next latam event will be march 2020 but they have different event along the year.

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