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Tell me about the new edition

I played a little bit of Vampire back in the early 1990’s. I might even have my old rulebooks somewhere in a closet. I remember the game as pretty fun, kind of edgy, and more adult in theme than many of the other RPGs out at the time. But it was never in shrink wrap.

I recently saw a copy of the new Vampire RPG (V5?) at my local game store. It’s in shrink wrap and I was sort of bummed that I couldn’t thumb through the pages a little. The guy at the store said, “that’s because it’s not really a family game. Sort of NC-17 in content.”

This got me to wonder about the game. Is it the artwork, the content, the themes being explored in the game? Can someone tell me more about the new edition of Vampire?

I suppose that’s just a sign of the times, trying to avoid offending anyone. And after the recent polemic, I suppose they are affraid of more outrage. I played Vampire in the 90s and I have the new edition. Though I haven’t read the whole books, I already browsed them, and the adult themes are still there (most probably a bit watered down) but I really don’t think it got edgier and any way.

Nice to hear. I thought the original edition was pretty well done, and I know that vampire settings in general have blood and seduction stuff therein, so it’s nice to know that the game hasn’t gone “off the rails” somehow and become too adult. I may pick it up next time I’m in the game store. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Modiphius wrap all of the RPG they distribute in plastic? I assumed so given my sample size of Star Trek Adventures and Vampire.

There is some art that may be problematic for some, but I would think the PDF code would be the primary reason for the plastic

There are changes, but most of them are related to the evolution of the setting. In my opinion even the visual aspect may be a bit less provocative, because a lot of the art is photography and not illustration (there was some concern about that, but I think they nailed it, somehow). The books are visually stunning and evocative.
Now, I wouldn’t mind if they had turned Vampire into something as adult as Kult, but they didn’t.


The game has become more play the way you want to play in this edition so more time is spent in the rules showing you how you could do things over a slightly more narrative framework. It still feels crunchy but not as much as V20. The plot has advanced to cover the ground between 1999 and present. The setting is more masquerade focused due to mortal governments cracking down on Vampire activity. This is called the second inquisition. Mortals as a whole though do not know about vampires as the government wishes to engage in a shadow war rather than incite panic. The rules have become more modern blood pool has been replaced with a hunger mechanic that makes it feel, to me at least, like my beast is always present and hunger is always there. It doesn’t subtract from the game though which is good. Humanity is less a moral path and more how close you are to the beast and morality is more flexible to suit the table you play with. All in all I really like the game and setting. Art wise it is hit or miss depending on what you like. Most art in the book is actual photos and the layout reminds me of a faction magazine rather than a game book but I really like the artistic choice, some do not. The shrink wrap is probably there because of the PDF code rather than the visuals or content. To me it was well worth the purchase and upcoming title like Chicago By Night and the Players guide have me excited.


Have played and ran the original VtM since 1992 when I found the paperback first edition on a walden books shelf. I have ran and played in the “Camarilla” fan club games since joining in 1997. I have been both a local, regional, and national level officer in the club. I have had both my art work and stories published in the club’s regional and national magazines. When they ended the universe that game me so much joy I felt lost, but I was renewed with the release of Requiem. Now however, I am pleased and so are my players of V5. We have faith in this product even if the system is different and the setting so drastically changed. But we are here to stay.


This reminds me of when the first gaming/comic store opened in the small conservative farming town I grew up in. Some guy came in, perused all the books till he found the hardbacked copy of Werewolf. He proceeds to buy it. Show it to his congregation. And hold a candlelight vigil outside the store to pray for our souls.

We, in turn, held an all night gaming session the same night. Lol

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Can’t claim to be a long term veteran like most of the others here (hell some of you are fortunate enough to have been playing these games since before I was born). That being said, having played V20 and V5 and perused many of the older books I’d say it certainly does a good job of furthering the series.

I shan’t re-hash what Red said, as his summary covers many of the big shifts. A few things I’d add though are the shift to a more personal approach, the new morality system has a focus on touchstones, mortals that you associate with key principles to help you stave off the beast.

Another new feature that’s proven especially popular with myself and my players is the Loresheets system. They’re backgrounds you can take that are tied to specific: groups, people, locations, etc. E.g. you can take a loresheet for Jeanette and Therese Voerman, Theo Bell, being a descendant of Montano or Hardestadt, even Helena.

These have done an excellent job of getting players involved in the lore in my experience. They also proved really good for newbie players, it’s a nice way to give them a bite-sized chunk of the lore to engage with before they can take the time to really research things.

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Hi, new here, though Ive been a long time fan and ST for VtM and VtR; Ive been perusing the V5 corebook and honestly, Im more inspired than VtR to get back into this game. I did read several in-depth reviews before I made the jump but definitely not regretting it, (I picked up the 3 book slipcase along with pdfs).

While Im catching up on this new edition, are there any posts or resources that bring me up on the meta plot? Also, are there any links or posts on the proposed book release? Ive read of a proposed Players guide but not sure when that is coming out. Ive created an account with Mophidius for downloading the pdfs and see that a couple of books are out (Chicago and London) but looks like this is a Brit website so not sure where I can pick up on the USA side of the pond.

Anyway, glad to join this community!!

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Welcome to the community!

You should be able to pick up Chicago by Night in the USA via other retail channels, although I live in NZ and I find the Modiphius deliveries to be affordable and prompt. I do know that there has been some effort in getting these books back on the retail shelves - where WoD products have been absent for a while. So check out your local game store, if you have one too.

The big meta plot book, and a segue between editions to a degree, was Beckett’s Jyhad Diary, although you’ll have to buy that. There are some Facebook groups, specifically for V5 as well as more general WoD sites (although, be aware that there has been some edition warring on general sites). You could also take a watch for the live-play shows - there has been several, including LA by Night on Youtube. Geek & Sundry have some GM Tips and stuff on their site. There is also a site called which has some discussion and resources.

I will say that neither Chicago by Night (for 5E) or The Fall of London require prior knowledge to run them, although they do continue the meta plot developments of the game. They give pretty good introductions to it all. I think the Player’s Handbook is being edited a bit more before release, but I’d imagine it will only be a few more months. There is also Cults of the Blood Gods coming, The Second Inquisition mooted and some more supplements for the Chicago campaign (scenario ideas).

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Welcome back Josferatu…

Studio2 publishing is distributing the Chicago by night book, in the USA with very reasonable shipping rates.

Cults of the Blood Gods is still in the works and will not be available in print for some time, as it just finished it’s Kickstarter campaign. Looks like Studio2 will be carrying this one as well…

Fall of London is still a pre-order item, but you get the most up to date version of the manuscript, when you purchase it from Modiphius.

Beckett’s Jyhad Diary is available for purchase over at Yet, I haven’t been able to find a physical copy in any local stores.

Both of the starters, New Blood and The Monsters, are available at Modiphius and drivethrurpg. And both, are a great way of getting back into the setting.

Over at the OnyxPath website, , the Monday meeting notes gives updates on product completion and release notes.

Be sure to subscribe to the Modiphius newsletter for updates as well.

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