Vampire:the Requiem and the(not so)new World of Darkness

Hi,folks.I’ve been going through a lot of topics about the V5.Ok. Now I would like to ask(specially for the older players):what do you guys think of the New World of Darkness that White Wolf tried to pull off back in(let me remember)2005(I think)?I saw the Requiem and found redundant at first(since I ALWAYS HATED the path the VtM took,becoming more of a super heroes game and less and less about personal and political horror).I detest to this very day most of the sourcebooks(specially the Player’s Guide and The Sabath player’s guide-I found that HORRENDOUS). When I actually read The Requiem it became clear to me that WW was trying to correct all the mistakes they made-emphasizing Humanity,aborting the notion of the Paths of Enlightenment and so on.Oh,and I just read Promethean:the Created,and found it fantastic;and I liked Werewolf the Forsaken as well.It semms to me that this line was more centered in moral conflict and horror than having characters bcoming demigods during the game. Well…that line aparently wasn’t succesful amongs most of the fans.I wonder why. Any guess?


“New” WoD was renamed to Chronicles of Darkness (Promethean and Werewolf The Forsaken are in this line).

Vampire The Requiem has a 2nd edition which polishes the ruleset (though I never played 2nd Ed).
Personally, I liked VtR because it divorced the lore form the Caine myth and it tried to get away from Diablerie as the only method of getting stronger.

Each faction had their own creation myth. I liked that because it promoted roleplay (in a philosophical sense). Your blood potency also increased as you got older, so you would voluntarily go into Torpor so you didn’t lose to the Beast (and woke up when your potency diluted).

The bloodlines was the biggest shock and I don’t know why they kept some and renamed others. There are the five core bloodlines, but you can increase that by mutating one of the core bloodlines and gaining new abilities (you would carry your core weakness and develop a new one as balance).
This was another shock because I’m a Malk, so seeing Malk-o-vian as an offshoot of the Ventrue was a slap in the face twice.

I eventually got over my hangups and VtR was a game line I really enjoyed.

I think the Malkavian clan’s purpose,so to speak, back in the 90’s edition ,was to be a sort of relief-you know,to make the game less dark and opressive. What I liked about the Requiem is that in that scenario,there was no such thing. WW wasn’t afraid to deep.The blood potency was also something that I enjoyed.But still,why was this line not as successful as the first one?

I don’t see Malks as comic relief. I didn’t like the 2nd Edition Clanbook, but I LOVED the Revised Clanbook.

I’m sure the changes in VtR alienated a lot of the classic fanbase, but Chronicles of Darkness certainly has its fans too. I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t successful.

I haven’t had a chance to play V5 yet, but I bought the books, and I love the idea of blood dice. I like that it’s not a measure of you much blood you have (I never liked the way Blood Points were handled in VtM), but how hungry you are.

The NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness books were all slickly written and designed. However it was a policy of them to remove a lot of cultural references from the settings in order to make them mesh better, and possibly be less controversial.

As such, Vampire became less of a satirical commentary using Vampires and metaphors, and more a toolbox for telling tales with vampires as protaganists. The same is true about the other titles.

So, they were OK, but not as emotive as the original classics were.

One of the appeals of the new V5 version of the game is that it has pretty slick mechanics, but the cultural references are there too. It works as a satire again, but the mechanics support the concepts more than before.


ok where to start,the requiem for olders players,came after the end of day doom tome!For us it was the end of the line no more updated story.then requiem came and jumble all the name and clan in a new way!The older player was shock with that and drop out,and the fan base drop too.requiem was a great system,but classical vampire was more to the liking of more people.For the 5th edition its seem to be a good way to continue the older story line with a new good second game his coming this sunday and all the players are crazie about it.For now im please to play that system and waithing for more to come!

I can only speak to my area but Requiem at first had a OK following. The area were I lived had a strong VtM group we were a core area for VtM LARP with about 60-70 players on a regular bases. When Requiem hit the player group split between those that wanted to continue to play VtM and those that wanted to play something new.

Some of us loved the metaplot but a game having no metaplot intrigued us as well. After a while VtM died for the most part here and requiem took over. Just recently with V5 coming out one of the local LARPs has switched over to VtM but it is brand new to them as they have Grown up playing Requiem and not VtM. which I found fascinating since VtM was my first Vampire game.

As far as my personal thoughts go I love reading about the metaplot in VtM but it does get in the way of telling stories on occasion and CoD did fix a lot of things and was a much stronger storyteller game.

With 5th edition WoD coming out I hope to get the best of both worlds. so far it seems like an even stronger Storytelling game and draws from all that the company has learned over the years of producing books. I can only hope we continue to see this strong emphases on story over D&D style Legion of Superfangs type games.

I RP for the story, so I want this to be an edition for me. If I wanted the same old same old I would just stick with revised or CoD.

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