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Is Geist the Sin-Eaters a different setting?

The World of Darkness vs. Chronicles of Darkness and different worlds/settings (Old vs. New WoD) for the White Wolf games has always confused the hell out of me. I know the newer Vampire the Masquerade 5e is part of the World of Darkness but is Geist The Sin-Eaters 2e by Onyx Path Publishing part of the Chronicles of Darkness, meaning not the same wold as VtM 5e and thus the same setting as Vampire the Requiem and such?

I really want to expand the World of Darkness beyond just vampires.

That’s correct Geist The Sin-Eater is a part of the Chronicles of Darkness and therefore in a different setting from Classic World of Darkness. From what I’ve seen the only thing in the pipeline for cWoD is Werewolf the Apocalypse, which is also getting a video game apparently, “Earthblood” iirc.

Has anyone heard anything at all on the progress of Werewolf the Apocalypse the RPG? It has been crickets forever on that front, it seems. I wish it wasn’t Hunters Books that was doing it, as I’ve never been a fan of theirs.

Hunters has a discord and they come on and talk to us regularly. They have been very communicative with there fans and it is one of the very qualities that endured them to me even when they can not share they at least tell us so.

They have told us what they can for now, which is that they intend to start giving information soon but they were waiting until after Renegade Con to finish up. We are now waiting on approvals from Paradox, since information on W5 affects Earthblood and so on, so it is a coordinated effort.

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