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The Greater World of Darkness

I have not seen it mentioned here and apologies if I missed this, I have recently picked up and am digging the core book, but was curious if there are plans on the horizon to do the whole White Wolf/ World of Darkness shebang, or are we sticking to Vampire. I can honestly see both sides, on this while I am sure fans of Werewolf, Mage and the others can’t wait to see these games get the same treatment, I have always found games running with all the creatures tend to kill the game as your Nosferatu, Black Fury and Son of Ether, become the bloodsucker, Furry Muscle and spell slinger rather than standing out as they would in their own settings. As I may be getting into a game soon I ws just curious.

Werewolf is in development right now, but not by Modiphius. I think it is Hunter games that is shepherding the new version.

Hunter and mage are currently getting second edition releases through Kickstarter and backerkit.

I haven’t been able to find any info on the other lines…

And don’t forget that there are examples to use as antagonists is the back of the core book.

Actually, Hunter: The Vigil (2nd edition) is being Kickstarted for a Chronicles of Darkness game, and isn’t related to the World of Darkness line that V5 is part of. There has been mooted a book about The Second Inquisition coming for V5, which will detail hunters of that organisation, but we don’t know much about it yet.

There have been no announcements about Mage: The Ascension 5E but the 20th Anniversary, that was released about 2015, is still having supplements written for it and a production schedule.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5E is due to be released next year, by Hunters Entertainment.

Thanks for the clarification. I knew my details were fuzzy…

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I hate that all the lines are so massively confused and spread all over the place and am generally confused as to what games are part of which setting. I’d love to see a unified World of Darkness all in 5e rules…you can keep the separate settings if you want, but have them unified under one publisher and one ruleset.

What games are part of the 5e Vampire the Masquerade setting? Just VtM 5 and Werewolf the Apocalypse 5?

Which games are set in the Vampire the Requiem setting?

Is Chronicles of Darkness a different setting than these other 2 and if so, which games constitute the line there?

Yes that can be a bit confusing. Basically Vampire, Werewolf and so on created the World of Darkness in 1991 (I’m going to concentrate on Vampire) in the early 21st century (2004 or so I believe) Vampire as we knew it was essentially over and Justin Achilli rebooted the whole thing with the New World of Darkness (as opposed to the Old World of Darkness). In the meantime we had Vampire’s twenty years’ anniversary which was a strong success on a still dead game. Back then we still had the Old World of Darkness (V20, W20, M20 etc.) as opposed to the New World of Darkness aka Requiem, Forsaken etc (but officially called the World of Darkness).

When, recently White Wolf rose from the dead to life again. Onyx Path (in charge of both the New world of Darkness and the old one) had to do some renaming. After all the « Old » world of darkness was going to rise again. Thus, they decided to rebrand their former World of Darkness (Requiem) « Chronicles of Darkness » and « World of Darkness » will be White Wolf’s again.

So, where do we stand?

Chronicles of Darkness is the new branch of the old WoD created by Onyx Path (Requiem, Forsaken, Awakening etc.)

The World of Darkness is the reboot of V20 into the V5.

But the V20 is still scoring.

Yes it’s bit complicated but, keep in mind: Chronicles of Darkness = Requiem and such ; World of Darkness V5 and more to come. I’m not quite sure how we’ll label the WoD V20 players are still clinging to but oWoD or classic WoD would both sound right/


Thank you so much, Jps! This is the best breakdown of the situation I’ve ever seen. I’ve had other peopl try to explain it online but was always confused still regardless. This explanation made more sense to me than any of the others.