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Plans to expand out 5E to other WoD lines?

Obviously, Modiphius have laid out their plans for Vampire: The Masquerade 5E for the following year, but is it too soon to say whether other sister games - like Werewolf, Mage, Wraith and Changeling - remain in future plans?

I’ve no idea if the Modiphius agreement with White Wolf even expands out to these other lines, but it was something mooted when the Vampire 5E was in development. As Vampire itself has lots of room for expansion, solely on its own supplements, there might not be much space in any future production schedule for a while, and games like these do take some development. That said, these additional games added whole new layers of depth to the WoD as a whole and the innovations in 5E mechanics could be transformative in some of these other lines too, if applied well. They would certainly be interesting releases, should they ever happen.

Any thoughts, anyone?


I’d love to see more “World of Darkness 5e,” Especially Werewolf and Mage. I’d also love to see how Mummies would translate in 5e mechanics. I love how streamlined V5’s character creation is and see that applied to Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, and Wraith appeals to me.


would love to see V5 Dark ages


Firstly, thanks for replying. I was thinking I may had committed a faux pas for asking the question.

I would like to see an extension on the WoD gamelines, but I’ve no idea how long it would be - just because of the problems over the last year or so. That said, I do think the underlying strength of V5 is in it’s mechanical design, and it would be great to see some of this development moving into the other lines too.


id love to see 5E Vampire Dark Ages! my favorite one subject.

I agree, the V5 mechanics are a great strength, and seeing how they would be applied to Mage and Werewolf and the rest is something I’d love!

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Werewolf is apparently next (Jason Carl said so in the AMA: Other than that, I am very fond of Mage and I can’t see them NOT doing it. I would expect if to be done after Werewolf.

I agree with @RobertD: it will be very interesting to see how they incorporate the “hunger” mechanics into Werewolf and Mage. For Mage, I can picture paradox building up as reality reacts to the various spells (probably some kind of roll not unlike a rouse check, with vulgar magick being rolled with fewer dice than coincidental magick)… Some Mage rolls a “paradox critical” and the guy he was trying to control with the Mind sphere gets possessed by some paradox spirit or whatnot. Even for mundane tasks… the Mage rolling some “paradox failure” on a stealth check only to find himself followed by some animated shadow (with the thing’s relative power level being determined by the Mage’s paradox rating). This mechanic is one of the best aspects of V5!


I’d love a new Demon: The Fallen. But I think that’s way way down the list of basically everyone else on Earth. The Second Inquistion book could almost double as a Hunter supplement. It does say that it’ll have rules for playing Inquistion agents.

Welcome CottonWolf!

I totally agree that The Second Inquistion book could definitely be a standalone Hunter book - both a supplement to Vampire (and other games), but also used as it’s own game.

Not everyone! I’d buy a new Demon the Fallen without even a second thought! Love that setting so much.

First, I’d =love= to see a general “World of Darkness” book like the old games did. This presents all of the flavor of WoD, and gives Modiphius a chance to expand to - well let’s say Werewolf to start.

Then let’s give the audience a whole new pickle to taste… What about Vampire the Requiem?


Vampire will always be my first love. Tho I will say Mage is a close second. However, if I had to pick one to get a good overhaul, I’d say Changeling. It’s the one I always wanted to like, but the whole Card/Cantrip thing it had at the beginning was difficult to overcome.

Outside the Big 5, I’d like to see more official crossover stuff. Ideally with the big books already designed to function with each other. As a Storyteller, I’ve almost always found/designed our games to lean towards being open to everything.

Curiously, I always found the best representation and game for Changeling was actually the LARP. Live action Changeling works better than Vampire in some ways, as you get to dress up and involve yourself in courtly intrigue - without all the dark stuff that some find uncomfortable.

Anyway, that is an aside. I too would really welcome the chance to see the other lines get re-examined from baseline design. Mage, for example, could do with some streamlining in my view and also the Paradox mechanic could really benefit from an idea like the Hunger dice, in my view.


Omfg would I love it if they did Dark Ages.

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Well, we know at one point Werewolf was being written in house, but that AMA was prior to WW’s absorption by Paradox and the mandate that they not write anything in house. So until Modiphius, Onyx Path or some other licensee says ‘hey, we’re writing this,’ we won’t know if it’s being developed currently.

I am not sure that it is currently being worked on either but every time someone asks about it they do confirm that there will be a W5 book. We just don’t know when or by who.

I personally would like to see wraith redone under a similar system as the new v5. Oblivion was and still is my favorite game line of the old world of darkness. The W20 was so large and cumbersome it became impossible to lug around from game to game. did a good printing of the book but the binding along the spine could not handle it and eventually split in to thirds. Heck I wish, as a writer, that I could get clearance to create it myself.

I have doubts that they will get round to Wraith, myself. To make it clear, I am a fan and feel that artistically, Wraith was arguably the high water mark of the whole WoD line. However, it was a commercial flop, and there have been multiple attempts to make the very bleak setting something that can be sold to a wider audience….without much success.

My feeling is that the core of the WoD is basically Vampire, Werewolf and Mage (and Mage will have it’s own problems to implement in a new edition too). Anything else they get round to is probably a long way away, currently.

Maybe if Wraith and Orpheus and Mummy where combined as they all extensively use the shadowlands

I find it hopeful for a Werewolf a Mage, a Changeling, and a Wraith 5th editions at least, that an example of each was put into the Supernatural Antagonist section of V5. I know those don’t necessarily reflect the possible ways each game will look, rules wise, but it at least confirms their continued existence in the World of Darkness

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