What is going on with White-Wolf and the World of Darkness?

It has been a few months since White-Wolf issued their last communique. As a fan of the brand, the game and the community, I am a bit concerned with the communication gap. I totally understand that there are probably a ton of things happening behind the scenes as control is being handed to Modiphius and the details of White-Wolf’s oversight are being ironed out. Still, I’m seeing the Anarch and Camarilla PDFs still ''sold out" on the Modiphius store, and there has been no movement that the community could see since that communique. It seems like White-Wolf is in full ninja mode!

Does anyone have more information about what is going on? Anybody from Modiphius here with information they can share?

From a concerned fan!

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OK. I’m not an expert or involved with the current situation, but at this point it’s not clear that there is anybody working for “White Wolf” per se, at the moment. The previous team were dissolved.

The Vampire/WoD IP owner is Paradox entertainment, who gave the licence to Modiphius to continue printing V5 and it’s supplements. There is a scheduled list for release this year, and no reason to doubt they will be released - the recent charts indicate it was Modiphius’ highest selling game in the last quarter and in the Top 5 for the wider hobby.

In the meantime, Paradox advertised for a ‘Brand Manager’ to run White Wolf. That is, White Wolf aren’t making anything themselves directly, but seeking to control, develop and sell the brand to other companies like Modiphius or The Onyx Path (which produced a lot of V20 supplements and spinoffs).

In a nutshell, don’t worry. Things are still happening.

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Your depiction of the situation is in line with the information I have. Eagerly awaiting some new info… I realize the boat has rocked quite a bit over at White-Wolf. Perhaps 4-5 months is not enough time to restructure the whole thing.

The world of darkness website is back online!


It is. I noticed that the market that had all the 3rd ed PDFs including the Vampire 5e book is not there. What are the plans for that?

I think the message was that White Wolf was going to be re-organised into a licencing house, rather than direct sales. For direct sales, you go to Modiphius. If you just want PDFs, you should be able to get everything at drivethrurpg.com.