New Camarilla/Anarch Book PDF?

Just got an E-mail that the books had an update. Was wondering what was changed or was this just an editing pass on the books?

Same here. I also got a mail regarding updates on the Elder Bundle content update.
Have downloaded the new PDF from the link provided. But couldn’t find any note regarding what were the changes.
Also the all the bundle on Modiphius store are signaled as “2019” version.

Did some one know what was changed? Or is there any official post anywhere detailing this?

I did a side by side of the PDFs and it looks primarily like a large amount of editing. Nothing is new in the Camarilla Guide but the Anarch guide remove the section about is it OK to feed Vitae to a baby and added a section to replace it Damsel wants YOU for the Anarch Free States.

I am hoping this is the last of the edits to these files and that this will allow these versions of the books to stay in print.

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Excited to hear these updates are done! I bought the PDFs on Drivethrurpg back in 10/2018 before Modiphius became the primary publisher of V5. Still waiting on those files to update, but am confident they will soon.

Got the updates! :slight_smile:

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Looks like another update to these two books. Unsure what it was, but there you have it.

Good afternoon

the update was to fix the broken bookmarks within the Anarch book. Apologies.

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I appreciate the work developers and staff are doing to ensure we have the best product possible. Thank you all.