Kuei Jin: It's own game or a branch of Vampire?

I’ve never been a fan of the alternative rule set for Kuei Jin, I’ve always (as an Asian person myself) it seemed so strange that they would not just be obscure bloodlines of Caine’s get. I wonder if we’ll get some Kindred of the East love sometime soon.


The african vampire rules differences annoyed me too, As they’re pretty much building the whole thing from scratch i’d like each of the settings to be compatible like they did with Dark ages revised and V20
it makes for less of a headache for DM’s and allows crossover to go smoother


I agree that Kindred of the East and other regions of vampire should get an overhaul generally. It must be said though, that the Eastern Vampires run of games was only a limited series, more than twenty years ago. It’s probably not going to get looked at for revision for a while.

Agreed they deserve their own line and setting. I know they tried early on with a splat book series of books but it never really took off. I think it deserves a newly rededicated team and could be a great game line if the right writers and developers were put on it.

I should clarify, I think it should get folded in and just get new sects and clans. I think it absolutely DOESN’T need it’s own books, besides it’s own Players Guide and maybe a Honk Kong By Night or a Tokyo by Night suppliment.

I’m of two minds on it … we know anthropologically, that Linear A and Linear B languages were created in a vacuum from each other, and when we mix that with the Caine storyline, and I’m really talking about the storyline within the history of the World of Darkness as laden with biblical reference as it is, then we could go one of two ways with it:

The separation of Linear A and Linear B occurred prior to the time of Caine and Abel’s tale (we know that Seth, their brother, and Cain’s twin sister were about) in which case the development of the east could have occurred completely independently of Caine’s curse (until the cooky Saulot heads east to get involved). In this case, one or more of the Children of Seth would have left to found the east prior to Caine’s curse or;

The separation of Linear A and B occurs after the curse of Cain, in which case it would lend to the idea that it is the same thing.

An important thing to remember with the Kuei-Jin though, is that they were more a story of eastern Demons and Akuma than they necessarily were “vampires.” It was really a different creature they were basing the game around altogether.

In Chicago by Night (1st edition I believe) or perhaps Dark Alliance: Vancouver there actually WAS a bloodline of Caine that dealt with eastern vampires as we know them, called the Bushi. It was early established in the story that the Kuei Jin weren’t really vampires, but were unfortunately stuck with that label through association and popular culture.


I’ve been playing around with some homebrew stuff I’ve been making to update KoE to V5. I’d love to see something put out officially but would more than understand if they didn’t just do to the cringe factor of some of KoE depictions and it’s complexity.

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KoE always felt more like a Wraith - Risen style game to me more than a Vampire game, except for the feeding on mortals for chi part.

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I like them being a separate group from the vampires. Similar niche, but different species. It creates interesting opportunities and doesn’t awkwardly weld things onto the Cainite structure and respects the source myths.

It would require some revisions though. Take out exoticism as a theme and have some folks from the touched upon cultures work on it, but the concept is solid.