Are Fall of London/Player's Guide Going to Kickstarter?

The title says it all. :slight_smile:

I was curious to know if these two books are going to be going to Kickstarter or direct to sales. I know the listed dates are summer of 2019 so I was curious if we could get any info or if anyone else has any more info.



I don’t know, but the impression I got was that they’d be regular releases, not crowdfunded.

OK, so hopefully they are still on track to release the Player’s guide and Fall of London by August then. I was thinking if they are kickstarting the product we would see some announcements soon, but direct to store seems fine by me.

Is the usual practice to release the pdf and the physical books at the same time? I’m in the old Colonies across the Atlantic and have an easier time ordering pdfs (though am saving up for shipping costs for physical books later on :slight_smile: )