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The starter pack in print?


I downloaded the starter pack and I wonder if there is any chance we will be seeing a physical, printed version of it in a near future?

Hi Jps

We don’t have any plans to print the New Blood PDF pack.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

That’s actually fairly disappointing to hear. V5 being in physical stores is the main reason that it’s been doing so well, at least from all data that can be gathered. Not having a starter kit in stores is a lost opportunity both for revenue as well as to increase visibility and accessibility of the brand.


Keep an eye out though, because we’re yet to announce other products still in development.


If you’ll be announcing new books, will you give an update on when we’ll see the Player’s Guide in PDF or not? Or the Second Inquisition book? Or the books that were supposed to be available in PDF by Christmas and in retail 3 months ago?

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I’d love an update on the Players Guide and Inquisition books.

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It would be nice, but I am not holding my breath.