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Chicago by Night

Was there some talk of Modiphius releasing Chicago by Night through their website soon? What date?

It’s being released by Onyx Path not by Modiphius, I’ve already received mine (because I backed the kickstarter) for non backers it’s about to be released (this month). Anyway, Onyx Path doesn’t sell directly, the company works with Drivethru.

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Last I saw they stated it would go on sale on the 17th. I believe that was on facebook though. I will link if I am able to locate it again.

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Is this a new version or a reprint?



It’s the newest version for V5.
It’s not a mere reprint, it’s updated (featuring the newest developments including the Lasombras joining the Camarilla and the fall of Maxwell replaced with Kevin Jackson).


Modiphius sent out an email stating that they were going to be selling it, so I’m not sure if they’re just going to be selling the PDF or if they will be selling part of the retailer print run or what. Might be worth asking them that.

Maybe there is a partnership, I don’t know about that. But the thing is: it’s from the Onyx Path and you will be able to buy it on Drivethru

Isn’t it going out today from Modiphius? Or am I going to have to order from Amazon?

Amazon says that the physical book will be available on March 1rst. We’ll just have to wait and see…


Is the Bizarre Love Triangle still running the show?

To be honest with you I never included Chicago second edition (especially the murder of Lodin) in my Chronicle. So my vampiric knowledge of the city might be outdated.

Nonetheless, speaking about big shots, Critias is still there so is Helena and Menele and … Lodin’s back (he he).

Besides this a lot of things have changed: Jackson is the new prince, the Lasombra roam the city, the Ministry replaced the Setites etc. and the new art is really neat.

Big news for everyone that missed the Kickstarter. Me included!!!

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Lodins back… how?!

He was very badly injured by the werewolves (not killed as many thought), he hasn’t recovered yet (still horribly disfigured) and he lurks in the underground, probably plotting his vengeance.

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Same. Will definitely be picking this up.


Yep. Ordered. :slight_smile:

Ditto’ed and should arrive Monday

Got mine! :slight_smile:

Copies for our Game store Just showed up as well so you should be able to buy local even if you didn’t KS the project.