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Print Runs Question

Modiphius just sent out their newsletter and I saw an interesting tidbit that they would be selling copies of Chicago by Night through their store as well. This brings a curious question to mind. Will all V5 supplements (even stretch goal texts from other Kickstarters) be sold in the Modi store?

For Chicago by Night alone there is Let the Streets Run Red and Chicago Folios. Cult of the Blood Gods has three separate texts that have been funded. Will these all eventually be available in print/hardcopy? I ask because especially given the size of some of these texts (Chicago folios is at least 150 pages), PDF might be untenable if Print on Demand is not available as an option. Cults and it’s constituent stretch goal texts will not be available in Print on Demand, so that is more of a concern for me. I prefer things in hardcopy if they exceed a handful of pages.

Thoughts? Answers? Conspiracy theories?


That’s excellent news! The kickstarter campaigns are fine, but I live in NZ and the cost of delivery there is just astronomical. Modiphius gives much more affordable rates.


That is good to hear then. I know Modi has a pretty schwifty distribution path.

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I want to say that it was said during the Kickstarter that Modiphius would be distributing and such for Chicago by Night,but not for the folios and such like that that were stretch goals.

As far as we’ve been told by OPP writers, Cults won’t be PoD at all, actually. So I would assume Modi will be distro’ing that too, after Studio2 does their thing from the Kickstarter.

I certainly hope they do sell them all. I unfortunately missed my window to get in on the crowdfunding but would have no issue purchasing the books should they become available.

According to today’s Monday Meeting notes, Modiphius is not allowing them to do Cult of the Blood Gods as PoD. If that’s true, it could cause a problem for future Kickstarter projects that Onyx Path does if people who pay for the higher priced reward tiers can’t get a physical copy of the supplement the reward they back are in.

I think it is just the stretch goal books they are disallowing. Cults itself will be a printed book but not a POD one. Instead it will follow normal distribution.

Yeah, here’s the problem with that.
I want a printed version of the stretch goals.

I’m a fan of Modhipius and the products they’ve otherwise made, but dang nabit, I have zero patience for this shenanigan unless they’re going to make print-runs of those 100 pages books themselves!
Especially after the only product from the ModV5 line has proven to be riddled with errors and the promised VPG has been delayed.

So, I’m not a happy customer right now.

It’s not been proven. The complaints have largely been debunked. There are some errors in printing, but not to the volume that some have claimed, while a lot of the cited ‘errors’ aren’t errors at all.

The concern isn’t about Cult of the Blood Gods. The purpose of the Kickstarter is to do print runs. The books that come out from the stretch goals however, they typically don’t get print runs and are only available physically through Print on Demand. Are people still going to pay $250, $300, $600, etc for the higher tiers to be art models, name NPCs, etc still willing to put up that kind of money when they won’t be able to put the book on a coffee table so they can point to the page and say “I wrote that”?

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Sadly, I have forgotten about most of the digital books that I have. So they end up not being used, or looked at once and forgotten about. Where as I go through my physical books continually.

Some of the digital books are older and I simply can’t find them locally, like the Book of Nod, Revelations of the Dark Mother, or Beckett’s Jyhad Diary. I know I can buy them on Amazon at extremely bloated prices, as they are “collector items” now.

But even new digital suppliments, like The Monsters and New Blood, are pretty much unuseable to me until I print them out.

Growing up before everyone had a computer surgically embedded in their hand, I read books. And I still have that natural affinity to books. Books don’t need power cords, so they are use anywhere. You can read a book outside in direct sunlight, computers/smartphones/tablets not so much. Then there’s that smell of paper and fresh ink as you read through your newest aquisition, and actually turning pages.

The endless scrolling of a PDF, just doesn’t deliver the connection that I’m looking for. Sure it’s nice to search the entire PDF in a few seconds for that phrase or word you are looking for, but that’s about it. Basically, PDFs are good for quick reference only, to me. And I do use them for that, don’t get me wrong. But the actual enjoyment comes from reading through the physical copy in my hands and on my table.

I’ll still get everything I can, as I enjoy V5 immensely. But I hope that we can get more user friendly versions of the stretch goals eventually…

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As an person who put a 1000 dollars down to be an art model and character in Chicago folios you make a very valid point. I would not have went for those tiers if it was not going to be a physical book in my hands.

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At least the Chicago Folios it stated it would be available as PoD as part of the stretch goals. The Blood of the Cult Gods stretch goals had no such statement.

If I’m not mistaken, Onyx Path specifically said that stretch goals would not be made available in POD during the Cults Kickstarter. That was actually a fairly regular request.

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I saw that and I must say I am incredibly disappointed at that decision. If a traditional print run of the stretch goals is not in the cards I would at least ask the ability to do Print on Demand, especially in light of the fact that I’m one of the previously mentioned people who did back to be put in the books to some extent. Beyond that, It doesn’t make any sense given the size of the products.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but PDFs of books a 100+ pages long are a nightmare for me to read or utilize. I kinda need hardcopy.