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The blurb about the next kickstarted Onyx Path supplement, Cults of the Blood God, which is also due very soon, is that it will include a Clan referred to as Hecata. Their other referenced name is the Necromancers, so I guess these will be the Giovanni in actually.

This would mean that we have seen a continuation of one extra Clan per supplement so far:

Camarilla - Banu Hacim (Assamites)
Anarchs - The Ministry (Followers of Set)
Chicago by Night - Losambra
Cults of the Blood Gods - Hecata (Giovanni?)

Which still leaves us waiting for the Tzimisce, which could come out in a cute Sabbat book I guess and the Ravnos, which may need some work to make right (and have been killed off in canon in previous editions at least once before).

I’m excited to see Mithras stated out!

Sent messages, RobertD.

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Yes the Hecata are the Giovanni, but also the other clans that used necromancy and are derived from the Capadocians. It is a unified clan once more. They still will have some in fighting but they are presenting a unified front, kinda like a mini sect.


So no news on Player’s Guide?
What was the latest official information saying when should it be?

Last info was pdf before Christmas book in February.

Dis not fond or heard anything new!

Could I revive my lil Samedi vampboi :star_struck:?