Physical items release date?

Has Modiphius given any ETA on when the pre-order physical items might ship out to U.S. customers?

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All it says is “summer 2021.” In a perfect world I’d imagine June because it ties neatly into Fallout’s asthetic (in hands before the 4th of July).

Anyone know if they are planning on producing a GM screen?

I really hope they produce a GM screen. Have we gotten any more of an ETA on the shipping of physical items? I purchased the Table Bundle.

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They sent an email informing that pre-orders of Dune are getting sent about now. In that mail I believe it said end of June for Fallout pre-orders.

Edit: The exact wording was “late June”, sent out on 19th May.

Seems a little hasty, considering all the errata that needs to be corrected (unless they don’t plan on correcting it on this first run)

As always it’s the risk you take ordering a 1st edition print. I’ll be waiting with post-its at my side and a big ol’ grin on my mug.

Yeah, I know, but I have no problem with waiting more time to get a more cleaned up book. The thing is that from what I have been reading at the Errata thread, it looks more as a rushed product, and that is not ok. I understand errata, every single book has it, but some things look more like underdeveloped.
(mental note, get post-its)

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I would rather have a delay on the release of the physical book because of errata fixes than a summer release with all the errors from the PDF.

I’m another person who’s willing to wait for the book to be released so they can sort out the errors.

Releasing the book in its current state would be criminal and you’d be in your rights I think to demand a refund.

Reference Mongoose Publishing’s version of the Conan RPG.

Honestly it wasn’t that bad, nothing that made it unplayable.