Looking forward to getting this soon

Hi, so I see from the Kickstarter update that it has arrived in the UK. Really looking forward to getting the base game.
Just wondering, does anyone know if it’s passed through the port and gotten to the distribution centre, or if it’s still at the port needing to clear customs etc?
Thanks !

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US or elsewhere?


I think he means the UK, Steve.

Welcome to the forum btw shockaday :grinning::+1:


Yep, UK. Just wondering as I had another project previously that arrived in port then took a few weeks to clear customs (and was then waiting at distributor for a couple of months before they were able to post them!) Really hoping things will be smoother for this! :sunny:

Great to be in the forum, loving all the emoji available :sparkler:

Thanks, Siân

Was it Game Quest? A friend had his last two shipments from them delayed considerably. I am scared at the possibility that GQ will delay Siege for us…

Yes, it was gamesquest. Although, in fairness to them, it was beautifully packaged when it arrived in the post. Also, not everything I have had through them as been so delayed.

Well, lets hope for a swift shipment to backers.

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Definitely :slightly_smiling_face:

We know the project is making progress, and that is most important thing.

Shock, to get info on your particular shipment, your best bet is to contact support@modiphius.com and ask. They can see your account and where your order sits in the queue. I’m also trying to get information on more general shipping data and will share as soon as I know something.

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Thanks Steve.

Steve: Is there a game play or unboxing video coming soon?


Yes we’re waiting on the team completing one at the moment.


Thanks Steve, really looking forward to seeing some videos whilst I wait for the game to arrive :+1:


Steve, is that update coming today? It was promised for last week, but we all know how busy Modiphius are and how unfair time can be at times.

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Who is doing the distribution here in Australia?

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A bit sad we have not heard anything about Siege, nor seen a gameplay video yet :disappointed_relieved: Father Time must really not be on Modiphius’ side with this project.


:worried:yes hopefully we will have news soon :sunglasses:

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Hi Steve

I’ve not found support that helpful, I’ve got an email sent 1-12-18 with narry a response.

But I really wish that communication was a higher priority than it appears. I’m champing at the bit to do a project with this game, but there’s just no follow through after saying somethings going to happen.

Have to say that you’re almost as unlucky as Palladium with the amount of things that go wrong or illness (which really can’t help)…

Maybe it’s the Dark Symmetry at work!!!


According to Chris’ comment on the KS page, today will see the start of fulfillment to Europe and Australia, as well as a playthrough video.


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That’s :star: good :star:news. I see someone has already had a notification from Aetherworks (guessing Australia?)