New Nuka World scenario


1- I have noticed there a lot of profiles without the Thrown icon, but they use Thrown weapons, so you cannot know against what you should roll.
2- The Melee icon on the stats has a Gear like a Melee Quick Action, I think all the melee icons at the stats are like this one, it seems a mistake.
3- There is something weird, a Luck icon near some non-luck stat, what does it mean? All
4- Is Park map a future new Gear item? Or it is an easter egg?:sweat_smile: There is no info, but you can get only one per Game, it seems important!
5- Is this scenario going to be part of the Astoundingly Awesome Tales #2?



Also some of these vault tec profiles have rifles but no rifle symbol

In addition the armour is not reflected in the above profile

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Hey everyone!

1 - Jay the Scavver should have a Blue Throwing Weapon Icon on their AGI. All others should have a Green Throwing Weapon Icon on their AGI.
2 - All instances of the Melee Quick Action Icon on a model’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. should be a regular Melee Skill Icon.
3 - Remove the Luck Icons from all profiles.
4 - All will be revealed when Nuka World drops proper! It has no ramifications on the scenario and whilst it is neat, it isn’t going to warp your games.
5 - Yup! With erratas fitted in too!

Illy and Eagle should have a Rifle Skill Icon on their Per.


How did these mistakes get through? They’re really obvious…especially #1 and #3. It’s not like you had a whole year to work on it. Oh wait…:smiley:
Is the pdf going to be corrected, since it’s a pdf and the errors are now known?

They will be fixed upon inclusion in the print version of Astoundingly Awesome Tales 2.