Blue dice queries

Hey gals and gouls.

I have only just recently purchased this awesome game and in my mad hurry to paint all the awesome minis, I have only just realised that the blue dice just isn’t right.
Is there anyway to get them replaced or do I have to buy a new set if dice??


I don’t have the contact information handy, but I’m sure someone else around here does (There’s a thread somewhere deeper in the Fallout forum if you want to dig a little) All you should have to do is contact them and attach a picture of your incorrect dice and they will send you a replacement set.

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Ok, dug it up real quick. Contact information and such is included in the first post of the thread. Hope it helps!

Cheers that help a lot.

Thanks again :grinning:

Glad to be of service.

Please contact and we’ll replace them.

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Will do promptly!!