Blue Dice Check

It has come to our attention that some 2-Player Starter Sets include blue dice which incorrectly show the same icons that are on the green (Accuracy) dice. The blue dice should show only Nuka-cola bottle, star and blast icons.

So far it seems to have affected some of the 2-Player Starter Sets but it’s being investigated. There were no issues with the dice in the production samples we received so this issue is only now becoming known to us from customers, and we’re looking to who this has affected and how.

If you find you have any incorrect dice, please contact and let them know if these were from a 2-Player Starter Set, or additional dice pack.

To check your dice, there is a PDF showing the faces on each dice in the Downloads section here:

mine from the pvc starter set look to be fine, thanks for the heads up tho as i haven’t had a chance to have a game yet so i hadn’t checked the dice prior to seeing this

Thanks for the heads up It prompted me to check my dice and sure enough I have Two incorrect blue dice, thing is I cannot remember if it was from the starter set or from the extra dice pack I know i have a total of three blue dice two were incorrect. I have sent a email to support and am awaiting further instructions on how to resolve this.

again thanks for the heads up


I have already put in a support ticket, but my 2 player starter, as well as my friends and one other opened at my FLGS all had incorrect blue dice. The extra dice pacs had the correct ones as well as my order from Modiphius. This is from California in the US if that helps narrow it down at all.

I have two of the Two Player sets, the first one I got from local store it had the incorrect dice, while the second set had the right nice (pre-order).

thanks for the heads up, I sent in an email.


Can confirm. Bad dice in a 2-player starter acquired from my FLGS in MA, USA. Distributed by ACD in the US I believe.

Five starter sets and one “Extra Dice Set” and all of my dice look good.

One Starter set in hand from a LGS with wrong blue dices, another starter I’m still waiting for from another LGS, so we’ll see with that one.

The Blue dice in both my starter set and extra dice set seem to be fine. I am short the White Skill Die from my starter set though and put in a ticket for it.

Thanks to those of you who have reported the blue dice issue.

To tide you over until replacement dice arrive, I have created a PDF of 2 sets of blue dice faces which you can download from

Print the PDF at 100% size, cut out the faces and you can stick those directly onto the blue dice you have.

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My blue dice were also incorrect. Got them out of the starter set. Sent my email to support. Is there any timetable to the replacement dice?

The dice need to be made and then shipped to us. Once we get them they will be shipped out to everyone getting replacements.

For the sake of full disclisure we do need to make you aware that there is a holiday in China, where the dice are made, this week and the area the factory is in has been impacted by a recent typhoon.

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Dandy Mother Nature! No worries. I can improvise until replacements are ready.

Game Store in Chicago.
We were going to do an in store game…

I also had 2 incorrect blue dice, but so far after talking with 2 other players from the same shipment had the correct dice in theirs. Apologies for lack of knowledge in this matter. but not sure what I’m supposed to do after I click on the link above.

Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve got some of the incorrect dice. Email so they know to send you correct ones when they are available.

In the meantime, the link above takes you to the Downloads page where you can download a PDF (called blue_dice_faces.pdf). This shows the correct faces which you can print and then cut out and stick onto the dice you have.

Probably not the best thread to ask this but are the small cards (items, perks, etc) from the Survivors and Brotherood of Steel core boxes supposed to be identical? The model cards were correct but all the small cards are identical between the two sets. May be intended but could also be a packing error, I can see it either way…

Nevermind, forgot there was a card list by box. This was indeed not supposed to be duplicates. Shoot. Unpacking was going so well…

Bad blue dice. Starter 2 player pre order set with Alien. I almost didn’t buy this worried about the dice issue and I was right. Will email support.

Finally got my set today, dice were fine. Even the PVC minis were unbent. Is there any way to figure out what boxes have the misprint? Or is it just a…


Roll of the dice.