Wave 9, possible mistakes

It seems is missing a Nuka-Cola symbol at bottom left, if not, it seems better writing the symbols near the damage number.

The numbers are always inside the AoE colours, and… is the special star symbol intended? No blue die there.
Same with the star symbol as before, and it seems a pretty bad weapon for Space robot… It is missing the walking fire symbol…

This one has a wrong symbol, it is using a red die as AoE symbol (I suppose the AoE is red😅).

What does the rad symbol mean with “Gain”? Does it add 1 rad damage to the attack or does the physical attack become a rad attack?

This PA is missing the green color

Mirelurk king has agi of 2, though It has already been established with Nuka Worlds expansion rules release - he should have 6.

I can’t screen capture it, but isn’t Oswald’s Radiation Burst rule missing a range?

Yes, is missing the AoE range

It has AGI 2 in all cards and app, but it has 6 just in its Vault Tec profile (maybe another typo here)

No prices for

The item/unit cost PDF lists Initiate and Initiate Blade 5 caps less than Knight Patrol and Knight Patrol Blade, when they are exactly the same unit.

Just for layout corrections, ‘Contents’ (Index) of the Nuka World rulebook does not match with some page footers, and ‘section 2’ footer is missing, it jumps from 1 to 3…

N.I.R.A. caps cost is wrong in its Vault Tec profile (84 caps for what?!?), while the PDF says half, 42

Is Mirelurk Queen wrong in the last reference cards PDF or has it earned a new ability? Or that one should be called Nukalurk Queen?
The last Mirelurk Queen reference card has ‘Brood mother’, but it does not appear in its original reference card.

Nukalurk Queen’s Vault Tec profile has Nukalurk Queen brood, so it should add a Nukalurk hatchling, but it has the text from the mirelurk Queen brood (add 1 mirelurk hatchling).

Queen acid is not automatically equipped in its unit card, wich seems a missing line there.

And what about Nukalurk Queen lob and quake? Should not be there in its Vault Tec profile? You cannot know if those are equipped by itself, there is no unit card (ItW card is totally different), and there is no point costs about any Nukalurk stuff in the general costs PDF, just the profile with Claws, Acid, and Brood…

For a Nukalurk force, the Vault Tec aproved 1000 caps list contains a Nukalurk Queen, but equipped with the Mirelurk Queen cards… I suppose this cards should be Nukalurk Queen attack cards

Nukalurk reference card says you put 3 Quantum pools (Orange size), while the Nuka world book does not say any number of pools you have to use, and the pools would be Yellow size.
Are they 3 Orange pools or 3 Yellow pools?

In Nuka-World book, there is a place in the Area Control Table, Safari Adventure (Nuka-World Campaign section, p.50) wich is called Cappy’s teahouse, but there is no such place in the Nuka-World Park! :sweat_smile::person_gesturing_ok:
Maybe you are meaning Cappy’s treehouse (because the words are similar) or maybe you are referring to Cappy’s cafe (because the context is similar)…

Edit: It is Cappy’s treehouse as it appears too in the ‘Regional Control chart’

P.50, Homeground bonus lists Bottling plant as a Region, but it does not appear in the Control zone/map, the Region name is World of Refreshment (as it appears in the table at right)

Here in this page, there are references to Region control chart and Area Control chart, but they seem the same chart (the node map), and it does the same in different paragraphs of this book.

In this Overview (p.48), it says there are 6 Regions in Nuka World, and then it names only 5 Regions… The same even later in the Area Control Table section (p.50).
However, the next page, Node Map, has Nuka-Town USA as a Region, with 5 names Nodes without circles (like Fizztop mountain), so how could you get the Homeground bonus for that one, if it exists?. There is no mention about those Nodes or this Region in the whole book… Have you forgot that Region?

Apart from that, the book sometimes names a Bottling plant as a Region (even in the Homeground bonuses, and it does not exist), but it is a Regional overlay (one of the regional sheets)…
And the thing is P.50 (1.-Determine Regional overlay) says: “when playing games at the Bottling plant, use the Nuka-World exterior regional chart”… There is no sense here, it is a mess… In wich case you should play using the Bottling plant?

P.57, 3rd scenario, the map shows a ‘Magician’s Teleporter’, but there is no info about that, no mention in the special rules section.
What’s that? Is it another illusion?

P.58, Albin Gatorclaw section, it says it uses the AI Matrix ‘Gatorclaw’ for the model ‘Albin Gatorclaw’ instead of the ‘Albin Gatorclaw’ AI card (so it could use the Jaws)

P.59, Battlefield map, it is missing the deployment zones for Defenders and Attackers. You could figure them out due to the previous paragraph, but I think they should be there.

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The complete card list Page is missing the Cappy Clue event card

Is ‘Draw partner’ event card right when players have to make a CHA test if their leaders are removed? In the first instance is AGI test (it is a duel), CHA test sounds weird.

Roll 13 on the Kiddie kingdom region sheet does not exist (Souvenir plastic bowl is not even in the card list or PDFs). It appears too in the last sheet.
Edit: 9-12 Danger (Glowing one corpse) has the same lore as the card but different resolution.
Edit: 17-20 Danger (Foul odor), there is a totally new symbol in there (a hand) wich is not in the original card… Does that mean Supermutant?
Also, there are some missing icons in the layout, wich are written as [search icon skill] or [-2 skill token]…
Stealthed boy section (5-8) has a different paragraph from the actual card.
Edit: the sheets use ‘Turn’ referring to ‘Round’ usually, but in Game they have different meaning, and sometimes are confusing.
Edit: Next sheet, 13-16 Danger, Containment leak is really different, the missing icons and the bad layout says 'Resolve [radiation damage] + [Yellow dice], but no number there nor AoE damage as the original Danger card…:person_gesturing_ok: