Typo in the weapons cards

I have seen Caravan Shotgun has a unique icon, is it really intended? It seems a very common weapon, pretty odd

It looks like they made it unique because Cass’s AI card has it listed and Cass’s Caravan Shotgun in Fallout: New Vegas is a non-playable weapon unique to her. In New Vegas, it’s an over-under (super-imposed) shotgun instead of a traditional side by side double barrel.
It is disappointing that it’s unique, you’re not allowed to mod unique items. I haven’t compared it to the regular double barrel yet to see if it’s significantly better.

Oh sorry, my mistake, I wrote Caravan Shotgun (it is a common weapon), but the unique weapon I referred was Hunting Shotgun, it is used by Prime Legionary’s AI, and it seems too odd being unique

Hi @DK-dark,

Both the Hunting Shotgun and the Caravan Shotgun are not unique weapons. There is a misprint on the Hunting Shotgun card and that will be removed in the next round of erratas.

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Just to follow-up - is the Rebar Club supposed to be unique as well?

Yes I believe so.

Hi AChapin and RyanDanger87 The Rebar Club isn’t unique
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Thanks for the update!